UK University Applications

Wentworth Education has a dedicated and experienced team of consultants who can help you strengthen your application when applying to university in the UK. We can advise on course and university choices as well as provide tuition and mock interviews with subject specialists. We can also help with personal statements, UCAS and subject specific tests such as critical thinking.

UK University Applications

Wentworth Education has a dedicated and experienced team of consultants who can help you strengthen your application when applying to university in the UK. We can advise on course and university choices as well as provide tuition and mock interviews with subject specialists. We can also help with personal statements, UCAS and subject specific tests such as critical thinking.

UK University Consulting at Wentworth Education

UCAS is the gateway to applying to all UK universities. It can seem bewildering, demonstrating the prerequisites to apply to each course, and the strategy of where to apply can be challenging. Wentworth Education can help you navigate this process, and even prepare for interviews.

Overview of Wentworth's UK University Consulting

Wentworth Education offer a bespoke service to students looking for support in applying to UK universities. Our experienced consultants can guide you from A level choices, to writing your personal statement, and even give advice on what extra curricular activities would boost your application to a particular course.

Oxbridge Preparation

Applying to Oxford and Cambridge is one of the most daunting experiences a student faces in their final year of school. Although these prestigious institutions require both excellent academic results and strong personal statements, the interview is the true test. Wentworth’s experienced consultants can advise on what to expect in the interview, what interviews are looking for, and how best to demonstrate your ability and approach the interview. Moreover, Wentworth can help arrange mock Oxbridge interviews, with teachers and academics.

How to Apply to the UK for University from International Schools

An application to the UK for university is deceptively simple. All applications pass through UCAS, an online portal, where students submit their grades from national exams, predicted grades, and one essay. Students can select up to 6 schools, 4 if applying for medicine. The deadline for applications is 15 October for Oxford or Cambridge, and 01 January for all other universities. Only Oxford and Cambridge interview students, although UCL and Imperial do ask for further information to be submitted. Decisions are primarily based on the grades and essay, and students notified on a rolling basis from October / November through February / March. Offers may be conditional upon final exam grades in the IB, A level, or AP systems. As a result of the simplicity of this application process, we encourage students to apply! Of course, Oxford and Cambridge conduct academic interviews which are challenging and require preparation.

Exam Tutoring for School Levers: A Levels, Pre U, and IB

Once the interview has been completed, one of Wentworth’s team of consultants will continue to mentor and guide students through our UK university application service to ensure that they are on track for the right grades at A Level or IB. The consultant can also arrange additional Wentworth tuition if the student needs help reaching the high standard of results Oxford and Cambridge require of their students.

Medical School Applications

Wentworth also specialises in helping with medical school applications. We work with numerous medical students and doctors, all of whom are attending or have attended elite medical schools in the UK or US.

Contact Us To Discuss How We Can Help

Please contact us if you would like to hear more or want to book a session with one of our UK Univerities consultants or have a mock interview.

Selected UK University Consulting Testimonials

Please see below some example UK University Consulting Testimonials that we have received. If you would like to hear more, you may be interested to read about our tutor guarantee or to read about Wentworth Tutors' philosophy and approach in a letter to parents from Dr Katherine Wiles, our Founder. Alternatively, some more UK University Consulting Testimonials can be found on our dedicated testimonials page, where you can filter by subject.

English Preliminary Examinations, Oxford University | Andrew Dickinson

"Andrew has been the best English tutor I could has asked for in my first two terms of Oxford." ... See Andrew Dickinson's tutoring profile.

US University Admissions Test | Wentworth Education Private Tutoring

"It was good working with [Harry] ... we went through good approaches and methods to tackle the questions."

First year university algebrea | Laura Caune

"Laura is an exceptionally able mathematician with the rare quality of understanding intuitively what students require. She provides great advice, and she gives confidence to her students." ... See Laura Caune's tutoring profile.

GCSE Mathematics | Jessica F

"Jessica is very patient with our daughter and is teaching her well. Our daughter is actually starting to like maths! We are happy with the progress our daughter is making with Jessica. We will be continuing lessons for the coming GCSE." ... See Jessica F's tutoring profile.

Engineering Tripos at Cambridge Application | Mathew Smith

"We are very grateful for the job that Mathew has done for [our son], especially the diagnostic part of it, as we didn't know that he had significant gaps in his knowledge. We found Mathew very helpful managing the time pressure problem (and that was a main weakness for our son!)" ... See Mathew Smith's tutoring profile.

Oxford University Mentoring | William Bennett

"This student applied to Human Sciences at Oxford University on her gap year. We met for a series of sessions to work on her personal statement and prepare for interview, discussing topical reading material and how to write about her work experience in a thoughtful and interesting way. She has since received an offer from her first-choice college at Oxford. " ... See William Bennett's tutoring profile.

Oxbridge student | Dr Karis Riley

"I have known Karis for nearly a decade. Karis is highly intelligent and academically gifted. She has a passion for learning and love of education like no one else I know. She is widely read, questioning and intellectually curious by nature - all skills I think an excellent tutor should have and pass on to their students. I would highly recommend Karis' abilities to anyone looking for additional academic support." ... See Dr Karis Riley's tutoring profile.

University Mechanical Engineering | Dr Benjamin Hardy

"I had Ben for three sessions over the course of a week on a topic that I didn't know much about and needed some quick fire revision for an upcoming exam. He made example questions and walked through them with me. He also found textbooks online relating to my studies and was able to show different methods towards my studies and help me understand the easiest and most efficient way. " ... See Dr Benjamin Hardy's tutoring profile.

KS2 | Fenella Chesterfield

"“We are grateful for all the help and encouragement you have given our son, and much of his success is to your credit. You should feel proud too for what you have done for your students. Our son really enjoyed studying and learning with you. You are a good and very responsible teacher who prepares all the lessons very well in advance, and has the interest and wellbeing of the students first and foremost. You genuinely care very much about them and work hard with them.”" ... See Fenella Chesterfield's tutoring profile.

SAT & University Admissions Counselling | Talal Al-Nawab

"Talal greatly supported me on both my US and UK university applications as well as my SAT test preparation. Having studied in the UK, I was very unfamiliar with the US university application process in particular. It was clearly a complex landscape and I struggled to know where to start. Talal provided me with clear direction in terms of narrowing down my university choices to a carefully considered range of options - 10 universities - that were a best fit for me and working carefully through the application process with me. The essay drafting process can be particularly challenging and I greatly appreciated Talal's approach to helping me get the most out of my essays. He allowed my voice to come through in an eloquent way. Talal's strong knowledge of the UK university system also meant that he was able to fully support my UCAS application by narrowing my choices down to 5 universities and helping me draft my personal statement. Talal also worked with me on the SAT. My English and Math section scores both improved considerably through our work together. I really appreciated Talal's patience, positivity and encouragement to keep me motivated and aspiring for the highest score I was capable of. His knowledge of the curriculum and specific test-taking strategies made a real difference to my score." ... See Talal Al-Nawab's tutoring profile.