Private Education & Tutoring During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic
No in person tutoring should occur until further notice. All tutoring should move to online video conference facilities. We are very experienced at providing remote tutoring via online portals. We have been providing tutoring during the COVID-19 outbreak to families across the globe since January 2020. Please contact us to see how we can help you and your family during this period.

GCSE Tutoring

We offer bespoke GCSE tutoring to support students with content, revision strategy and coping with the daunting workload that these exams demand. Our excellent tutors give your child the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed.

GCSE Tutoring

We offer bespoke GCSE tutoring to support students with content, revision strategy and coping with the daunting workload that these exams demand. Our excellent tutors give your child the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed.

GCSE Tutoring

GCSE exams are taken in year 10 or 11 by nearly every student in the UK. Maths, English and the Sciences are compulsory, and many students take up to ten additional subjects. With new subjects offered by different exam boards each year, it is important that students know what their options are, and play to their strengths. From the start of your secondary education, we can advise on choices such as whether to take dual sciences, the benefits of iGCSE, and which modern languages your child should be considering. Our core team are on hand to discuss the differences between AQA, OCR, Edexcel and other exam boards, while your private tutor will help you understand the new grading system and set personal goals for your child.

It is highly likely that this will be the largest number of exams your child will have to sit, and for some students, their first experience of external examinations. Adequate preparation must include managing workload, effective timetabling, and strategies to overcome problems, as well as covering the vast amount of content. Our elite team of tutors all achieved exceptional GCSE results themselves, and will guide your child through revision techniques that they won’t learn in the classroom.

How GCSE Tutoring Works with Wentworth

The key to GCSE preparation is active practice. Our tutors compile tailored revision packs using past papers, supplementary practice questions and course content to ensure the student is thoroughly familiar with the style of question they will be facing. These will be specific to the exam board your child is following, and structured around the individual strengths and weaknesses of the student, to build confidence and improve outcome in all areas. A crucial benefit of one-on-one tutoring is that we can provide personalised and in-depth feedback through regular progress reports, building on past work to help the student consolidate and move forward at their own pace.

We have a number of tutors who are able to provide holistic support in both sciences and humanities, as well as specialised tutors whose focus is narrower. We will work hard to make sure we pair your child with someone who suits their unique skillset, and create engaging and effective lessons for your child. By the time they come to sit the exams, our ambition is that students feel confident and excited to demonstrate their hard work and skill.

While we always recommend starting as early as possible, we understand it can be difficult to prioritise exam preparation until the date is looming. At Wentworth, we are experts at maximising efficiency, and have a fantastic track record with intensive school-break revision sessions as well as long-term exam preparation. Whatever your needs are, do not hesitate to get touch and we will do our best to fill them!

Selected Profiles of our GCSE Tutors

Please see below some example profiles of the GCSE Tutors that we represent. If you would like to hear more, you may be interested to read about our tutor selection criteria or to read about Wentworth Tutors' philosophy and approach in a letter to parents from Dr Katherine Wiles, our Founder. Alternatively, some more profiles of our GCSE Tutors can be found on our dedicated tutors page, where you can filter by subject.

My name is Sasha and I'm a junior doctor working at Homerton University Hospital, in North-East London. I completed an undergraduate degree, and Masters, in chemistry (with chemical biology) at Magdalen College, Oxford, and then went on to study Medicine (Graduate-Entry) at King's College London. I have been tutoring for the past 7 years, across a range of subjects and levels; my aim is always to broaden and develop my students' understanding of their subject, before going on to develop exam technique and build confidence. ...
I am a current graduate student, attending the Courtauld Institute of Art where I study German Modernism. I specialise in US exam preparation, reading comprehension, Art History, English (writing and literature), History, and French language. I have benefitted from one-on-one tutoring throughout my education in order to prepare for standardized tests (ISEE/SSAT, SAT/ACT, GRE), which helped me build confidence and was a huge factor in my success. Having grown up in Manhattan and having attended boarding school and university in the US, I am intimately acquainted with the American educational system and the testing and admissions processes for US high schools and universities. Because of my background, I am well equipped to provide admission advice and counselling.

In New York, I attended a private, all-girls school, Convent of the Sacred Heart, before continuing my education at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut. At Choate, I took many Advanced Placement and honors courses. I achieved a 35 (of 36) on my ACT and attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where I double-majored in Art History and French. Before beginning my graduate studies this September, in order to improve my German, I attended the Middlebury College Intensive Summer Language Program in Middlebury, Vermont, an 8 week, immersive program where all classes and socializing are conducted in German.

After I graduated from Vanderbilt in 2018 while applying to graduate school, I worked with Curator Stephen Brown and Chief Curator Darsie Alexander at the Jewish Museum in New York City where I wrote exhibition texts, proposals, and theses, researched and conceptualised upcoming exhibitions, and conducted primary source research, translation, and transcription in French and German. This past year, I also worked at the Rubin Museum of Art, a Himalayan and Buddhist art museum, in the Programming Department under Head of Programs and Engagement, Tim McHenry, and Head of Programs, Dawn Eshelman, where I focused on lecture, meditation, and performance series. I conceptualised and created my own program that occurred on Slow Art Day in April 2019, consisting of activities to foster deeper examination of specific artworks over three one-hour long periods. ...
I am a friendly, encouraging teacher with over a decade's experience, particularly with students aged 11-13. Since graduating from Cambridge 13 years ago I have taught students of all sorts of abilities and ages (5-58) anywhere from Notting Hill to Nairobi. My curiosity about the world has drawn me to journalism as well as teaching. I worked at the Telegraph for two years and now I write about arts and culture for The Economist’s 1843, The Spectator and Apollo magazines. I am also the co-author of 'What on Earth is Going On? A Crash Course in Current Affairs' (HarperCollins, 2009 - Sunday Times 'Stocking Filler of the Year'). Both my teaching and writing are informed by a desire to understand the world, and to help others do so too. ...
Caitlin is currently in her final year of Kings college London Graduate medical school. She has been working for Wentworth since 2015 focusing on US school and college admissions. She is a dual (US and UK) citizen who graduated with a BA in Neurobiology and Anthropology from Harvard University in 2015. In Harvard, she worked for Veritas Education for 2 years and travelled to China to work as both a teacher and US college consultant. She also tutored children with Autism throughout college. Researching and teaching children who have learning difficulties is one of her main interests. Before Harvard she completed her GCSE's and A-levels (Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Geography) in the UK. Alongside her final year of A-levels she completed the SAT and SAT II exams and went through the US college application process alongside her UK UCAS application. She is well versed in the various US entrance exams and the US application process. ...
I graduated from University of Cambridge in 2017 with MEng degree specialising in Information Engineering. My final project was on the borderline of robotics and machine learning by developing a machine learning based optimisation algorithm to improve the performance of robots. During high school, I was very passionate about olympiads. I was awarded several medals and prizes at International Mathematical Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad in Estonian national teams. After finishing high school I joined the Estonian National committees of physics and mathematics olympiad and I have been tutoring current high school students for international olympiads in the training camps. ...