Religious Studies and Theology Tutoring

Our religious studies tutors specialise in tackling the big questions. Whether you're based in London, or would like to schedule some lessons over online, we will tailor the sessions to help you with whatever you wish to discuss when it comes to theology including GSCE and A level tuition.

Religious Studies and Theology Tutoring

Our religious studies tutors specialise in tackling the big questions. Whether you're based in London, or would like to schedule some lessons over online, we will tailor the sessions to help you with whatever you wish to discuss when it comes to theology including GSCE and A level tuition.

Religious Studies & Theology Tutoring

Religious Studies Tutoring at Wentworth Education

Wentworth Education has several team members who have studied Theology and Religious Studies at either Oxford or Cambridge and are excellently equipped to help you tackle the challenging questions that studying religion so often presents.

Food for thought... We love the big questions

‘Truth, in matters of religion, is simply the opinion that has survived' (Wilde). This is one of our favourite quotations because it leads you to question the meaning of 'truth’. If 'truth' is, as some post-modernists have suggested, merely a societal construct, then can theologians ever claim to know anything of value? What is the point then, you may ask?

But for those of you who have decided to study Religious Studies or Philosophy at GCSE or A level, you’ll already know that studying religion isn’t about trying to provide true and false answers. Value is not found in 'correctness', but instead in its ability to shed a glimmer of possibility that things may exist differently from the way we originally supposed. Tutors at Wentworth relish the way Religious Studies strives to find answers while at the same time knowing the answers can never be found, simply because we might learn something from the striving.

Religious Studies Exam Preparation

Our Religious Education tutors can teach geography to all levels and abilities, from primary through to senior / high school. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

GCSE Religious Studies Tutoring

As part of the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy it is now a requirement of all Religious Studies GCSEs to cover at least two world religions. Students are often relatively familiar with one religion. However, this change is syllabus has meant that often students are overwhelmed by the technical terminology that they are required to learn for the GCSE exam. Moreover, teachers now find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of material there is to cover in just two years.

We help our GCSE students by going through the syllabus that they are taking and making sure that their knowledge on every area of the two world religions is crystal clear. We then help our GCSE students with exam essay writing technique. In particular we focus on the longer ‘discussion’ style questions which require more of an argument focused approach.

A Level Religious Studies Tutoring

It is worth being aware that many schools call the A level course ‘Philosophy’ when really they teaching a ‘Religious Studies’ A level course. While there is of course overlap between the two (especially when it comes to ethics and philosophy of religion) they are two separate A levels, so be clear as to which papers you are actually taking.

When it comes to A level preparation, the sheer quantity of knowledge that students are expected to assimilate during the revision time is often very daunting. On top of this, the number of questions that they have to answer in the exam means that they are often run out of time to complete all the questions. Therefore, the key to doing well at A level is to make sure that frequently revisit old topics so that the material left to revise over the Easter holidays of your final year isn’t completely overwhelming. Moreover, it is absolutely essential to have a very precise idea of the essay structure that you are going to use of each ‘style‘ of exam question. Because of the time constraints, essay technique is more important in Religious Studies than it is in perhaps any other humanities A level. Therefore, we specialise in helping our students unpick confusing ideas, and make sure that their essay technique is stronger than it has ever been before.

Selected Profiles of our Religious Studies Tutors

Please see below some example profiles of the Religious Studies Tutors that we represent. If you would like to hear more, you may be interested to read about our tutor selection criteria or to read about Wentworth Tutors' philosophy and approach in a letter to parents from Dr Katherine Wiles, our Founder. Alternatively, some more profiles of our Religious Studies Tutors can be found on our dedicated tutors page, where you can filter by subject.

I'm a Postgraduate Medical Student and Oxford University Graduate with a passion for adventure and learning from every opportunity that life offers! I’m a tutor with a broad academic background who has a particular interest in helping kids who lack academic motivation or generally could do with an extra role model. ...
Having boarded and studied at the King's School Canterbury, I then went on to graduate with a first class BA and an MPhil from St John’s College Cambridge in July 2017. I was then employed as a Philosophy and Theology teacher at Rugby school. Here I underwent teacher training for the PGCE and also functioned as a full time tutor to ten GCSE level boys, as well as choral assistant and shooting coach. Having worked closely with the head of Oxbridge, I am in a very strong position to advise on applications to leading universities worldwide. Balancing work with a competitive rifle-shooting at a semi-professional level requires huge drive and efficiency. I now work as a full time tutor, and bring this drive to each of the pupils that I work with in the hope that I can help them to realise their own passions and potential. ...
After finishing two degrees from Stanford and Kingston Universities (covering a range of topics from philosophy of religion and mathematics to critical theory) I am now preparing to teach philosophy in prisons and studying to become a psychoanalyst. ...
I was born and raised in the United Kingdom and won an academic scholarship to Sherborne School at the age of 13. When I was 16 years old my family relocated to the United States, so I completed my secondary education at a competitive high school in the Houston area. After quickly adjusting to the American system, I achieved excellent results in my AP exams and SAT tests and received a place in the prestigious Plan II Honours program at the University of Texas at Austin. I graduated a year early with high honours, a second major in History, and an undergraduate dissertation that was awarded special honours. I have years of experience tutoring for the SAT and ACT exams and experience teaching the American public school curriculum in the humanities. I specialize in preparing international students wishing to attend university in the United States. ...
I have a first-class degree in Education, English and Drama from St John's College, the University of Cambridge and a great deal of teaching experience both internationally and in the UK. With a body of educational thought behind my work, I've lectured on William Shakespeare in The Cayman Islands, the US and Switzerland (among other venues). Working with touring theatre groups I have expertise in theatrical texts and classical plays. I taught at an independent secondary school in Bath, preparing students for their GCSE and A-Level examinations and taking responsibility for A-Level coursework. After applying my educational experience to the corporate sector I have returned to Freelance teaching full-time. ...
I am a qualified teacher, two-time author, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I have four degrees in history, education, theology, and political thought. I have studied at Cambridge University (MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History) and I am currently doing my DPhil in History at the University of Oxford. I am a passionate tutor with years of experience (both tutoring and being tutored) and I'm excited to help everyone I can achieve their academic dreams! ...
I am an expert tutor and education consultant with a first-class English degree, a Masters from Cambridge and over ten years' experience in outstanding institutions in the UK and overseas.

My most recent teaching post was Head of English at The Latymer School, one of the highest performing state schools in the UK.

In my spare time, I am a contributor to magazines including The Spectator and Prospect Magazine, and am currently writing a television series on free schools at the NFTS. ...
I am a friendly, encouraging teacher with over a decade's experience, particularly with students aged 11-13. Since graduating from Cambridge 13 years ago I have taught students of all sorts of abilities and ages (5-58) anywhere from Notting Hill to Nairobi. My curiosity about the world has drawn me to journalism as well as teaching. I worked at the Telegraph for two years and now I write about arts and culture for The Economist’s 1843, The Spectator and Apollo magazines. I am also the co-author of 'What on Earth is Going On? A Crash Course in Current Affairs' (HarperCollins, 2009 - Sunday Times 'Stocking Filler of the Year'). Both my teaching and writing are informed by a desire to understand the world, and to help others do so too. ...
I am an outgoing tutor with an enthusiasm to help students engage with and enjoy their education. I value learning as a way of coming to understand the world and what is going on around you!

My A-Levels helped me to shape a way of thinking that then led to my degree in Anthropology at UCL, for which I received a 1st. This was one of the most exciting and stimulating decisions I made, and I thoroughly enjoyed each moment of my course.

I am confident in teaching a broad base of humanities and languages, and hope to have the chance to inspire some students in doing so! ...
I am a Medieval and Renaissance literary historian. I have a BA in Philosophy (cum laude), a PhD in English Literature, a master's in Classics from the University of Oxford, for which I was awarded the top distinction in my year, and recently held an AHRC-funded postdoc on the History Faculty at the University of Cambridge (2019-2020) to explore how cultures remembered and forgot the European religious reformations in the early modern period. An American and British citizen, I have academic and cultural experience on both sides of the Atlantic. As a teenager I also lived a few years in Sofia, Bulgaria, attending an exceptional school in Eastern Europe that offered the IB Diploma. My interdisciplinary academic background and training means I am competent to teach at the crossroads of a number of disciplines. I am enthusiastic about motivating all kinds of people of all ages to pursue knowledge. My greatest piece of advice to students is to help them see that enjoying study is the best way to mature and flourish intellectually. ...