Safe Private Education During COVID-19

We can offer remote and distance learning programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our teachers are highly experienced at running remote learning.

We have been running online education programs for many clients across APAC for several months. As UK schools close down, please don't hesitate to contact us about how we can help.

Safe Private Education During COVID-19

We can offer remote and distance learning programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our teachers are highly experienced at running remote learning.

We have been running online education programs for many clients across APAC for several months. As UK schools close down, please don't hesitate to contact us about how we can help.

Please note that Wentworth Education Limited provides no legal guidance or formal advice and we accept no legal responsibility for risk of infection or breach of any lockdown by any client or tutor we represent as agent or otherwise.

Safe Private Education During Coronavirus Pandemic & Lockdowns

At Wentworth Education, Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Our priority during this time is keeping you, our clients, your children, our teachers, all of our loved ones, and the vulnerable individuals in our society safe.

During local and national lockdowns we strongly encourage all teachers, clients, and sessions to transition to online portals and video conference facilities. We advise teachers to NOT visit clients in person unless it it necessary and to always follow school and government guidance. We ask that you respect this policy where it applies - according to government guidelines and Tutor-Client agreement.

When Tutoring In Person, Stay Safe!

If you are tutoring in person, then please follow government advice as it changes from time to time, and be responsible. We advise you consider wearing face-masks and ensure there is suitable sanitation and ventilation when tutoring. If you are showing virus symptoms then PLEASE remember to isolate and protect those around you from potential infection.

Further places to get more information about staying safe include the government website - which has plenty of advice:

There are many more places online that provide advice for staying safe during this time. In particular, please check your local guidance!

Where There Is Risk, We Recommend Remote Education Via Online Systems

If you are not already working with us via online teaching, and are willing to give online video and shared whiteboard teaching a try, then we encourage you and your family to try it!

Most of our teachers use Skype and a document sharing system as there are several excellent shared whiteboard services and professional video conferencing facilities that we regularly use to work with clients across the globe. For example, our teachers often use Zoom Conferencing, which is free for 1-to-1 calls and has an integrated shared-whiteboard feature. We work with hundreds of families on these systems - and online teaching does work.

Please feel free to contact us, or ask your teacher, if you would like to hear more. All of our tutors who work In Person can also work remotely via these online systems. Indeed, we work with some of our clients on an ongoing basis from across the world in this way, many of whom are in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mainland China.

Private Education With Wentworth Education During COVID-19

Lessons We Have Learned From Tutoring During Lockdown from Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, and Europe

We have been supporting many families in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and now extensively in London where schools have been shut since late January / early February. Our experience has been that schools move lessons online which can be effective but requires some support to ensure students are still engaged. Our biggest challenge has been boredom as students are struggling to get exercise and organise play with friends; this has been a particular issue in cities without access to gardens. Some of our clients have set up Skype play time. Our teachers can recommend books for reading, engaging games, and any other number of activities and are happy to do everything from design board games to support creative play. If you would like to discuss our learnings, please feel free to contact our Head Tutors. We will also aim to update the website as we learn more and establish best practices.

School Closures in UK due to Coronavirus

In the UK, schools have been closed and public exams have been cancelled. At Wentwoth, we are very experienced at working with children remotely and designing home schooling and remote learning programs. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to support you and your family during this time of uncertainty.

Please Bear With Us

We are experiencing a surge in demand from our existing clients and from new clients; both from the UK, but also internationally. We are expecting many schools in Europe and America to close for an extended period of time, and many families are asking for additional support and home-schooling during this period.

As a valued customer, we very much so want to be able to do everything we can to support you and your educational needs. However, with the surge in demand and as we approach the Easter holidays, many of our best teachers are unavailable. We ask for your patience as we try to meet your requests, and we do encourage you to confirm your times over the next few months with your teachers.

Testimonials of Families Working with Wentworth Education For Remote Tutoring During COVID-19 Outbreak

Zoom Conference Tutoring during Coronavirus Pandemic | Wentworth Education Private Tutoring

"Quite effective"

Starting Maths Tutoring During COVID-19 | Wentworth Education Private Tutoring

"[My daughter] started math lessons with [your tutor] and she likes her a lot."

Skype Tutoring Prepared Us Well for COVID-19 | Wentworth Education Private Tutoring

"I'm very glad [my son] has been doing Skype with your tutors for quite a while and is now coping well with all the online learning at school."

Online Tutoring when Schools shut during COVID-19 in Hong Kong | Wentworth Education Private Tutoring

"It was not easy for us in the beginning, but the kids' adaptability is so high. Very good training for them indeed [adjusting to working online]!"

A-Level Physics Home Schooling during COVID Pandemic | Nicolas Pimpare

"Thank you for all the help you gave me, particularly in these crazy circumstances. As a result of all your help I got the A* and confirmed my Cambridge place. I really appreciate everything you've done for me! I couldn't be happier right now." ... See Nicolas Pimpare's tutoring profile.

ACT Tutoring via Skype during Coronavirus | Samara Melwani

""[My daughter] has not yet taken the ACT, but Samara has been a pleasure to work with. She is warm and focused, gives clear guidance and homework, and is flexible for meeting by Skype (especially important with COVID-19, but she was already doing it before because [my daughter]'s school and sports schedule was complicated)."" ... See Samara Melwani's tutoring profile.

Online GCSE Biology & Chemistry During Lockdown | Nicolas Pimpare

"I was originally hiring Nico to come on holiday with us and make sure my daughter who has GCSE next year would be kept on track to revise for her final year exams. He ended-up following her and guiding her with Zoom calls [due to the COVID19 pandemic]. Nico was absolutely charming and kept me informed of her progress and her attitude towards her study. He made it very easy, very pleasant and I would not hesitate to have him again." ... See Nicolas Pimpare's tutoring profile.