Barnaby Martin - Professional Teacher in London, Somerset and online

Barnaby Martin Professional Teacher in London, Somerset and online

I am a graduate from Cambridge with 6 years teaching experience at some of the best schools in the country, including St Paul's School, helping students of all ages and abilities understand and appreciate chemistry. I take great pleasure finding the best way to approach difficult topics with students and try to make all of my lessons as relevant and engaging as possible.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • University of Cambridge, 20092012
    Natural Sciences (MA): 2:1
  • School: Gresham's School
    A levels: Maths (A), Further Maths (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), Biology (A) GCSEs: 11 (10 A*, 1 A) [including English and Maths]

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

Teaching experience

St Paul’s School, Barnes – 2013 - 2018 – Teacher of chemistry; teaching ages 13-18, Edexcel IGCSE and OCR A-level chemistry

Charterhouse School, Godalming – 2012 - 2013 – Teacher of chemistry; teaching ages 13-18, Edexcel IGCSE and pre-U chemistry

Additional experience

One-on-one tutoring
I have extensive experience working with students on a one-on-one basis. This has included helping students with fundamental chemistry as well as preparing pupils for the most difficult exams at A-level and Pre-U.

Revision sessions
Over the past six years, I have led a variety of different revision sessions for GCSE and A-level pupils. These have been made up of group and individual exercises designed to cover the basics of a topic as well as building upon and consolidating the student’s pre-existing understanding. These sessions have helped several struggling students gain confidence before taking their final exam.

Interview preparation
Throughout my time at St Paul's, I helped a number of students prepare for interviews at Russell Group universities. This involved delivering mock interviews and feedback sessions as well as running university afternoons focused on providing advice for students considering applying to study chemistry, and chemistry-related subjects, at university.

Oxbridge lessons
As well as helping weaker students with their chemistry studies, I have taken great pleasure in preparing the most able pupils with their applications to study chemistry at either Cambridge or Oxford. This involved delivering a term-long advanced chemistry course made up of a series of sessions where students attempted exceptionally challenging problems and questions designed to stretch the brightest and best.

Academic mentoring
Whilst at Charterhouse and St Paul's, I was given the responsibility of looking after the academic and pastoral needs of a number of pupils. On the academic side, this involved monitoring the progress of the student using reports and grades, speaking to their teachers on a regular basis about how the student is doing, developing plans to improve in subjects causing difficulty and pushing them to consistently achieve above and beyond their potential throughout the academic year.

I have delivered several lectures on a variety of different topics in A-level chemistry, including a series of revision lectures leading up to the final A-level exams. Whilst most of the lectures have been of a more serious nature, I have also delivered talks on lighter topics, including one on the chemistry of the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

My Approach to Tutoring

I aim to explain concepts in a clear, direct and engaging way, building upon the student's understanding and knowledge by working through questions and examples and am able to draw upon my years of experience, as well as my time studying at the University of Cambridge, to find the best possible way to approach a new topic. I am happy helping the youngest students with the basics of chemistry right up to assisting A-level students with applications to study chemistry at university.

All of my tutoring is electronically based. Any notes we take, resources we use or questions my students answer are uploaded and synced with a shared Dropbox folder which the student can access at any time from anywhere in the world. This allow students to really keep on top of the work we do from session to session.

Fun Facts About Me

When I am not tutoring, I write contemporary classical music ( I compose all sorts of music including pieces for very large orchestras as well as works for choirs, ensembles and soloists. My music has won a variety of awards and has been performed by a number of different groups throughout the world including the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. I also love to sing (I am a tenor), and can often be found spending hours walking in the countryside.

My Client Testimonials

  • Chemistry Colleague
    "Barnaby represents the epitome of excellence in the classroom. He brings a phenomenal amount energy and enthusiasm for science to all lessons, which made him one of the most popular teachers within our strong academic department at St Paul's School in London. Barnaby is adept at challenging the brightest of students as well as nurturing and helping students who find chemistry more challenging to improve and achieve their goals. Any student who finds himself or herself taught by Barnaby Martin will be very lucky indeed!"

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I graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2013 in Natural Sciences (specialising in chemistry) and went straight onto the Teach First graduate programme. For the past three years, I have taught science at Essa Academy in Bolton to students with a vast range of abilities and levels of engagement and have led on engaging and challenging gifted and talented students looking to apply to the top universities.

I am a professional, enthusiastic and committed teacher who is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with students of all ages and abilities. At Essa, I strive to instil in my students a determination to succeed and a confidence in their own abilities that allows them to maximise their potential – qualities that I have transferred to tutoring with great success. ...
I have just finished a degree in Natural Sciences (Biological) from the University of Cambridge and am now at music college, pursuing my passion for guitar performance. I achieved 5 A*s at A-level (with a 96.1% average at A2), taking subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Religious Studies. At Cambridge, whilst covering the full range of biological disciplines in first year (from Ecology to Biochemistry) as well as maths, I chose to specialise in Physiology, Development, and Neuroscience in my final year. On top of this, I maintain an interest in Evolutionary Biology (I am a big fan of Richard Dawkins!). For several years at Tonbridge school, I was involved in a community action program called 'Science For Schools', where we would host groups of primary school children weekly, running practicals and performing exciting demonstrations for them; the purpose being to try to encourage enthusiasm for science ...
I'm a final year medical student at King's College London and based in Surrey, having done my first three years and intercalated in Psychology at the University of Cambridge. I'm President of the university cycling club and have been tutoring for the last year for Wentworth Tutors. ...
My passion for tutoring stems from my own personal experience with understanding the impact that excellent teachers can have on our lives. At Winchester College, the leadership and inspiration of my teachers motivated me to succeed, and is reflected in my consistently strong academic record. Having now graduated with a First Class BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge and successfully completed an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, I am keen to share my understanding and passion of the sciences and mathematics with new students. ...
I grew up in Devon and went to a local Grammar School, where I first started tutoring whilst studying for my A-levels. I went on to study Mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 2013 with an MA (1st-class) and MMATH (Merit). I was offered a place at Warwick University to study for my PhD, but ended up changing fields. I am now studying Medicine on an accelerated graduate entry program at Barts and the London School of Medicine, graduating in 2018.

Although I've ended my own career in Maths for now I have never lost my passion for the subject, and enjoy continuing this through tutoring. I've worked with students of all abilities, with the bulk of my experience tutoring Maths and Physics at A-level and GCSE standard. I also tutor Biology and Chemistry, drawing on the past two years I have spent studying Medicine. Studying Medicine has enhanced my tutoring ability, as we spend a considerable amount of time developing our communication skills. ...
I have been tutoring in the private sector since 2007. Whilst completing my studies I had experience tutoring mathematics for ages 12-16 (including GCSE). During my gap year I worked as a cover supervisor at Simon Langton Girls' Grammar school where I had experience teaching mathematics to Year 8 (12-13 years old) and to a GCSE class. I also had experience teaching Core 1 (AS mathematics model) to a group of highly able students who were taking the exam a year early. Whilst completing my degree I had further experience tutoring GCSE mathematics.

I attended Girton College at the University of Cambridge and studied on the Natural Science Tripos. She took modules in mathematics, chemistry, material science, biochemistry, psychology, neurobiology and physiology. My specialist interest was in physiology and my final year project explored the development of the human middle ear bones. I recently completed a Masters in Clinical Neuroscience at King's College London in which I achieved a distinction and was awarded the Gold Medal for achieving the highest mark in the year. I have since returned to King's to undertake their four year graduate medicine course. I took A-Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics as well as a AS Level in Ancient Greek.

I am passionate about tutoring mathematics as believe the analytical and problem solving skills it develops are crucial for a whole range of academic disciplines or careers. In my spare time I am a keen cyclist and I race for King's College London Cycling Club of which I was also the 2015-2016 President. ...
I have been tutoring in London ever since I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. ...
I have been studying with degree level students for years and find tailoring concepts and processes to an individual’s interests exciting. I’m patient and disciplined and enjoy the reward of helping students move past plateaus in their learning, and with a diverse background in many subject areas I can adapt lessons and study to a wide range of individual needs. ...
I am entering my fifth year studying Medicine at King's College London, a subject that constantly provides its scholars with evolving learning opportunities and requires a dynamic problem solving ability. My study in Medicine has two sides; I have a large interest in the innermost workings of the human body and find its intricacies fascinating, from hard numbers in physiology and biochemistry to the art of anatomy. On the other hand, I also enjoy the patient-doctor interaction and its cultivation through effective communication and problem resolving skills. I organise a London-wide society interested in the specialty of Sports Medicine with the aim of narrowing the gap between the professional and undergraduate worlds. This aim relies heavily on recruiting valuable speakers and opportunities, whilst coordinating the activities of my society and those of university-based societies. I also sit on the committee of the UK's undergraduate Sports Medicine society. My success through my medical career insofar has been built on utilisation of different learning techniques to understand and confidently apply information. I also embrace techniques such as goal-setting to formulate long term plans for personal and organisational development. I was educated at a state comprehensive in Garston, Watford. Throughout secondary school, I did not enjoy the teaching as I was unable to engage with the material or teachers. I missed out on valuable opportunities and my grades foundered. At GCSE level, however, I had great benefit after I started extra-curricular tuition, an experience that made my learning more accessible and enjoyable. Since then, I have embraced 'learning' as a process to be developed, understood and enjoyed. Throughout medical school I have aided colleagues with their own learning and last year, formally tutored for medical practical exams. Outside of Medicine, I like to do many things! I am a keen sportsman, representing King's College London Cycling team. I play a variety of different sports, and am still keen to throw a rugby ball around. I have an extensive reading list that I am working through, and I like to paint when I have a spare weekend. ...
I am currently medical student in St George's London, and I studied Natural Sciences in Cambridge. I have over 3 years experience teaching a broad range of subjects up to and including A level mathematics and science. I take a personal approach to tutoring, adapting my teaching style to each individual student to help them reach their full potential. ...