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Dr Karis Riley - Private Tutor in Central London

Dr Karis Riley Private Tutor in Central London

I am a Medieval and Renaissance literary historian. I have a BA in Philosophy (cum laude), a PhD in English Literature, a master's in Classics from the University of Oxford, for which I was awarded the top distinction in my year, and recently held an AHRC-funded postdoc on the History Faculty at the University of Cambridge to explore how cultures remembered and forgot the European religious reformations in the early modern period. An American and British citizen, I have academic and cultural experience on both sides of the Atlantic. As a teenager I also lived a few years in Sofia, Bulgaria, attending an exceptional school in Eastern Europe that offered the IB Diploma. My interdisciplinary academic background and training means I am competent to teach at the crossroads of a number of disciplines. I am enthusiastic about motivating all kinds of people of all ages to pursue knowledge, and remain convinced that enjoying a curriculum is the best way to mature and flourish intellectually.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • University of Oxford, 20162017
    Greek and/or Latin Languages & Literature (MSt): top distinction in year
  • University of York, 20132016
    English Literature & Language (PhD):
  • Wheaton College, IL, 20082012
    Philosophy (BA): cum laude

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

I have taught undergraduate students in Philosophy, Renaissance Literature, and writing and critical-thinking skills. I also have extensive experience communicating with non-specialists, younger students, and children. My husband and I started a church in the heart of London that provides a community and pastoral care for families, the homeless, young professionals, London university students, and internationals in 2014.

As a philosophy undergrad, I gave a lecture on the problem of evil to first-year students and worked in a paid capacity as a Teacher’s Assistant in the philosophy department. My responsibilities included helping students with basic writing and critical-thinking skills and marking weekly essays. As a PhD graduate, I also taught third-year finalists - the year when many students flip the switch and lose focus. I developed an engaging eight-week curriculum for a university seminar, facilitated classroom discussion, marked theses, and held weekly, private office hours to help students learn how to frame their arguments, anticipate critical objections, and see things from different angles. I am delighted that one of the students I coached so enjoyed the environment that she sensed further education was right for her. She applied to Durham’s MA in Medieval and Renaissance Literature with her final-year thesis she wrote in my class, and was accepted!

My Approach to Tutoring

In teaching, I draw especially from my first two years of secondary school (2004-2005) when I had to educate myself through an online university programme because Bulgaria had no adequate higher education; this was little more than a decade after the end of communism. My family decided a private tutor could help the situation. These self-taught years were demanding but also extremely intellectually freeing. It prepared me in time-management skills that have shaped the rest of my path and honed my abilities for the Oxbridge tutorial setting.

With first-hand experience both at the undergraduate and graduate levels of the Oxbridge tutorial system, I realise how an inspiring, patient, and generous tutor makes all the difference between success and discouragement. I know what it is like to have an astute expert give feedback about weak spots, help outline a curriculum, prioritise books on a reading list, and balance study with leisure and other commitments. As a past faculty member at the University of Cambridge, I am aware of what admissions boards are looking for in applications and can help students present their strengths and achievements in the best possible light.

Getting to the top takes hard work and discipline, but the process does not need to be stressful or boring. My teaching philosophy is twofold: firstly, we learn in order to see reality as it is; and secondly, we learn most through delight and wonder. I find many students lose their sense of excitement because they become destination-focused and grade-orientated. I am convinced that the best thinking and ideas develop through joy, and not by aiming at a certain mark or geographical location, which often ends in paralysis and anxiety. The rise of mental health awareness in schools throughout the United Kingdom makes alternative methods for motivation vital and necessary to our younger generation’s long-term flourishing. What is the good of getting into the school of one’s dreams if the pressure becomes too much? How can we inspire resilience in our students in the lead up to university? This is one dimension of what I can offer.

Fun Facts About Me

While finishing high school in the States, I once worked as corporate journalist for a news agency that represented America’s prestigious railroads such as Amtrak, CSX, Union Pacific, and BNSF. It required travel across the US to conduct interviews and build relationships with clients and companies. In my spare time, I enjoy singing, learning new languages, writing poetry, exploring historic London, and reading books on an ever-expanding list.

Last but not least I am writing two books. The first book will offer the first comprehensive analysis of emotion in John Milton, the Renaissance poet, theologian, and political theorist. Early modern passions were seen as rival contenders to reason in the soul, but also as necessary and meaningful elements of human existence. The history of the passions is long and varied. The volume will tell the story of Milton's reappraisal of the soul's emotions in a period where various traditions are contested and under major revision with the rise of the new sciences. The second book examines the relationship between classical poetry and theories of matter. Aiming to chart the emergence and distinctions between the literary genres of fairy tale, myth, and science fiction, it investigates how materialist views of the universe in antiquity inspired such beautiful stories, and whether, in the end, this kind of worldview can be reconciled with the idea of nature's 'enchantment'.

My Client Testimonials

  • 11+ English
    "Karis is a fantastic tutor of English. She helped my daughter prepare 11+ English reading comprehension. She is professional and motivating. She is able to tailor lessons to needs. My daughter loved her style of teaching, well prepared and inspirational. English is my daughter's weakness but she has got the offer to a top private school for girls."
  • PhD Renaissance Literature
    "Karis is an extremely knowledgeable and inspiring tutor. I have known and worked with her for five years and she's always impressed me with her depth of knowledge and endless curiosity. She can offer warm and encouraging support as well as a constructive perspective for her students' growth. I recommend Karis to students looking for fascinating discussion of literature, encouraging support while studying Greek and Latin, or a friendly guide to help them build effective study skills."
  • Undergraduate English Literature
    "I have known Karis for over six years, first as the supervisor for her doctorate and then as her employer on a research project. During this time I observed Karis teaching when I was her teaching mentor at the University of York. She communicates brilliantly and with great precision. She is a great listener, empathising with the student and helping them find the right words to express what they want to say. She is also passionate about teaching and full of enthusiasm. She has that combination of directness, engagement, and lucidity that anybody would admire in a natural teacher."

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Having boarded and studied at the King's School Canterbury, I then went on to graduate with a first class BA and an MPhil from St John’s College Cambridge in July 2017. I was then employed as a Philosophy and Theology teacher at Rugby school. Here I underwent teacher training for the PGCE and also functioned as a full time tutor to ten GCSE level boys, as well as choral assistant and shooting coach. Having worked closely with the head of Oxbridge, I am in a very strong position to advise on applications to leading universities worldwide. Balancing work with a competitive rifle-shooting at a semi-professional level requires huge drive and efficiency. I now work as a full time tutor, and bring this drive to each of the pupils that I work with in the hope that I can help them to realise their own passions and potential. ...
I have a first-class degree in Education, English and Drama from St John's College, the University of Cambridge and a great deal of teaching experience both internationally and in the UK. With a body of educational thought behind my work, I've lectured on William Shakespeare in The Cayman Islands, the US and Switzerland (among other venues). Working with touring theatre groups I have expertise in theatrical texts and classical plays. I taught at an independent secondary school in Bath, preparing students for their GCSE and A-Level examinations and taking responsibility for A-Level coursework. After applying my educational experience to the corporate sector I have returned to Freelance teaching full-time. ...
I've been tutoring and working with children part time since I finished school in 2014, and have graduated from Oxford University, where I studied English literature. Before that, I took IB at Wellington College, in which I scored 43 out of a possible 45 points. I've tutored in London, Oxford and Hong Kong, worked as a nanny, and set up and continue to run a school sponsorship program in Nepal, which provides disadvantaged children with the opportunity to be educated in Kathmandu. For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of tutoring is helping students gain confidence in something they thought they would never understand, or felt they weren't good at, turning a daunting task into something enjoyable. I've worked with children who range from 3 to 23 years old, but have most experience with Common Entrance at 11+ and 13+. The breath of the IB course means that I'm able to teach a range of subjects to a high standard, and have great experience balancing academic work with other areas of life, as well as finding important overlaps between diverse subjects and interests. ...
I am a graduate of Durham University, where I completed a BA in English and Philosophy. Although I went to university in the UK, I grew up in New York, and completed all of my schooling in America. I attended one of the top boarding schools in the country, Groton School, on an academic scholarship. I took the SAT and AP exams, earning some of the highest scores in my class for both. I have been tutoring since the age of 15, as part of a tutoring program at Groton. I continued at university for English and Philosophy students, and post-graduation, here in London. Having attended both US and UK education systems, I understand and can work with both curriculums, especially with school and university entrance exams and processes. ...
I graduated from Oriel College, Oxford in July 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. Throughout my school career I have balanced academic life with competitive tennis as a government funded, semi-professional player. This required huge drive and efficiency, for which I was rewarded with a stellar set of results at both GCSE and A-Level and a place at Oxford. Before starting my degree, I began tutoring part-time and have since helped children of a range of ages and abilities achieve similar academic excellence. I specialise in entrance to the UK's top schools, and have tutored students towards 7+, 8+, 11+ and Common Entrance to Westminster, St. Paul's and King's College to name a few. I am also interested in preparing students for Oxbridge entrance, and look to develop a student's passion for subjects beyond the syllabus not only immediately preceding their application, but in the years prior. I wish to help as many students as possible reach their desired academic goals and hugely enjoy transferring my own knowledge to my young protégées. ...
I am a Cambridge University graduate, with experience tutoring a broad range of subjects. Before starting a career in Management Consulting, I studied Education with English and Drama (BA Cons, 1st Class), and am passionate about understanding how my students tick, finding ways of engaging them, and helping them achieve their goals.

I started tutoring at the age of 18, in Manchester where I grew up. I helped family friends through their 11+ exams, Spanish/English/Music GCSEs (As and A*s achieved). After University, I moved to Madrid for a year, where I tutored English, while studying to achieve the Instituto Cervantes DELE C1 qualification, giving me Undergraduate Degree level Spanish. ...
I am an expert tutor and education consultant with a first-class English degree, a Masters from Cambridge and over ten years' experience in outstanding institutions in the UK and overseas.

My most recent teaching post was Head of English at The Latymer School, one of the highest performing state schools in the UK.

In my spare time, I am a contributor to magazines including The Spectator and Prospect Magazine, and am currently writing a television series on free schools at the NFTS. ...
I have experience teaching a range of ages, both privately part-time and in full time employment as a teacher at Hurstpierpoint College, where I worked for a year before starting my degree at Oxford University. I have a particular interest in entrance into the UK's top schools and Universities, teaching 11 plus, Common Entrance, and preparing students for Oxbridge. I am aided by a detailed understanding of UK independent schools as well as experience preparing for the American education system at ISEE and SSAT level in particular. I have delivered private tuition to children between 5 and 20 years. I find tutoring immensely rewarding and particularly enjoy the focused nature of assisting an individual with their academic goals. ...
I'm a Postgraduate Medical Student and Oxford University Graduate with a passion for adventure and learning from every opportunity that life offers! I’m a tutor with a broad academic background who has a particular interest in helping kids who lack academic motivation or generally could do with an extra role model. ...
I am a highly experienced tutor of GCSE and A-Level English, with a warm and friendly nature and a creative and inspiring approach. I am a part-time Lecturer in English at the University of Oxford and have expertise in Oxbridge preparation having served on two Oxford college Admissions panels. I have a 1st Class BA in English from the University of Cambridge, a Masters with Distinction in English from the University of Oxford, and an award-winning PhD in English from the University of Cambridge. I have taught students of all different abilities, and look forward to getting to know each student that needs my help. “I have no hesitation in fully recommending Jasmine as a private tutor. She supported my son through his GCSE and ‘A’ level years, not only by competently helping him develop the literacy skills he needed, but by keeping him engaged and motivated. Focussed, fun and fantastic; we were so lucky to find her.” ...