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Gavin Fiddler Private Tutor in South West London

I am an empathetic and enthusiastic tutor with over 1000 hours of experience and a member of the Tutor’s Association. Parents have consistently commented on my ability to inspire and build excellent rapport with their children. In all my tutorials, I endeavour to cultivate the untapped potential that is can be difficult to unlock in the very formal and hierarchical school environment. What is more, my experiences as a tutor and observations in schools have also given me a strong insight into how to develop a form of pedagogy that is congenial to tutorials but not irreconcilable with classroom teaching.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • University of Oxford, 20182020
    Literature and Arts (MSt):
  • University of Cambridge, 20142015
    Modern European History (MPhil):
  • Birkbeck, University of London, 20112014
    History (BA):

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

Entrance Examinations
7+ - 11+ - I have student who have gained offers from the following schools: Alleyn’s School, Epsom College, Emanuel School, James Allen’s Girls School, Streatham High and Clapham High School and Trinity School. In addition, I have experience preparing students for the following independent and grammar schools: City of London School, Hampton School, Highgate School, King’s College Wimbledon, Kingston Grammar School, Latymer Upper School, St. Paul’s School, Sutton Grammar School, Tiffin School, University College School, Wallington County Grammar School, Westminster School, Whitgift School, Wilson’s School and Wycombe Abbey. This has been a combination of examination and interview preparation. In addition, I have experience preparing Year 6 students for the Independent School Examination’s Board Pre-Test in order to qualify for independent schools at 13+.

Assisted a student with preparation in the 2017 – 2018 Christmas break prior to 11+ exams. Her mother remarked that she ‘surpassed all expectations’ and gained an academic scholarship from Streatham and Clapham High School, a sports scholarship from both Emanuel and James Allen’s Girls School, and a sports exhibition from Alleyn’s School.

13+ - I have helped a student gain an offer from Royal Russell School and St. Dunstan’s College. Currently, I am preparing students for Dulwich College, Alleyn’s School and Whitgift School at this level. In addition, I have experience preparing students for the ISEB Common Entrance exam in History. One such student is being prepared for 13+ exams in English for Dulwich College, Trinity School and Whitgift. In two terms, his assessment card went from a C in English to an A. The student informed me that his teacher was surprised by how much he had improvement in a short space of time.

Public Examinations
GCSE/IGCSE – I have tutored numerous students for English Language, English Literature and History. My experience has covered both the Edexcel and CIE exam boards. I have assisted a GCSE student in History from April 2017 who was struggling in History. In only a couple of months he was awarded a Senior School Reward for ‘Excellent analysis of the impact of the different terms of Treaty of Versailles on the German people’. In January, after an excellent performance in his mock exams, he is now being predicted an A*.

A-Level – Tutored students in English Literature, History and Politics for various exam boards. I also provided guidance on a personal statement for Law and the student was subsequently granted an offer by LSE.

General Tuition
Key Stage 2 – I have tutored numerous students at this level with varying tuition goals. One, for instance, was working in preparation for their admission to a preparatory school, whilst another student was tutored predominantly in Mathematics but predominantly in English in order to raise their confidence in preparation for Year 5 by making English enjoyable and inspirational. At this level, I have also gained experience in developing strategies for teaching pupils with learning difficulties such Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia.

Key Stage 3 – Worked as a tutor on a pro-bono basis for a comprehensive school on their scholars’ programme by proving extra English tuition to their ablest students. I have also helped students to demonstrate notable improve in their English compositions.

My Approach to Tutoring

In my view, the purpose of tutoring is to assist the student to uncover insights into learning that would be missed in the classroom or private study. While independent learning is, of course, something to be promoted, education also exists for the current generation to transmit their tried and tested learning to the next generation. In the last year, I have also made the decision to be an exam-based tutor because I have realised that the backbone and purpose that exams provide are necessary to secure the focus of a student who has had to commit to the long and demanding days of school. That said, I remind my students that education also exists to prepare students for the challenging expectations of adult life. If they employ regular and deliberate practice in their studies to preclude regression, then they will have established an excellent foundation.

Fun Facts About Me


  • Participating in a drawing course at the Art Academy.
  • Participating in an acting course at City Academy.
  • Attended a ten-week course at RADA on improvisation and have performed long-form improvisation publicly.
  • Attended a stand-up comedy course and delivered a performance at a public house.
Extra Curricula
  • Cooking: Attended an intensive course at the Cordon Blue School, learning a variety of French Cuisine techniques from a Michelin star chef.
  • Martial Arts: An associate of a London Chinese Kung Fu school. This has involved not only instruction in Chinese martial arts but participation in their Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe. In addition, a former member of Cambridge University’s Lion Dance Troupe, which involved performances at numerous venues in Cambridge.
  • Languages: French (Limited Working Proficiency). Attended the Institute of French for a four-week immersion course in August 2016.

My Client Testimonials

  • 11+ and 13+
    "Thanks for recommending Gavin. He was a fantastic tutor for both my kids. His calm approach was certainly appreciated by both, and I have no doubt that the work they did with him has been of great benefit. Gavin is very personable and easy to have in the house and the kids seemed to be very happy in his company, which is key."
  • 8+
    "Gavin was perfect and I would definitely recommend him. R. has said that he teaches better methods than he learns at school, and he has really gained confidence. R.s words were that Gavin was very informative and helpful. R. enjoyed the classes, and I noticed a huge improvement in R. in a short time. Gavin communicated via email and Whatsapp with me and R.’s tutor in Malaysia so even before class he had an idea about R.’s personality, strengths and weaknesses; I felt that was excellent."

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I am an experienced and enthusiastic tutor with classroom teaching experience, who is genuinely passionate about History and its relevance today. I graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford in 2017 after having studied History. I have since worked at Eton College in the History department and (more recently) as the College's Filmmaker-in-Residence.

At Eton, I was part of a 3 person team working with History Oxbridge applicants three times a week, advising on every step of the admissions process. This has included advice on personal statements, marking History Aptitude Tests, and carrying out mock-Oxbridge interviews for both the Eton students and applicants from other schools. In the year 2017/18, we received more Oxbridge offers than any other department in the school. I have also worked on the Eton Universities Summer School for the last four years running, teaching history and working as a tutor. ...
I graduated from St. John's College, Cambridge in 2016 with a first class degree in History of Art and an MPhil in Early 20th Century British Modernist Painting. I was born and live in London and attended Westminster Under School and Eton College, two of the country's most prestigious and competitive private schools. ...
I took a teaching post at Harrow School in 2015, teaching IGCSEs in English Language and Literature and delivering lectures to A-level students. I was also made Director-in-Residence and Master-in-Charge of Debating. Earlier that year I graduated with a first class degree in English Language and Literature from Christ Church, Oxford, where I was one of the twelve original Reuben Scholars. My papers in Shakespeare and Beckett for Finals were classed as publishable. Throughout my time at Oxford and Harrow, I have accumulated extensive experience tutoring privately for a range of abilities, from pre-test to university admissions. Although my undergraduate degree was in the arts, I have always nurtured a healthy interest in subjects across the curriculum, having studied Further Mathematics and Physics at A Level, and I am continually excited by the prospect of facilitating the development of a student’s academic pursuits in a variety of disciplines. A constant desire to advance my own knowledge energises me as a tutor, and I believe that communicating this enthusiasm allows me to stimulate both the curiosity and diligence of my tutees. ...
I graduated from Oriel College, Oxford in July 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. Throughout my school career I have balanced academic life with competitive tennis as a government funded, semi-professional player. This required huge drive and efficiency, for which I was rewarded with a stellar set of results at both GCSE and A-Level and a place at Oxford. Before starting my degree, I began tutoring part-time and have since helped children of a range of ages and abilities achieve similar academic excellence. I specialise in entrance to the UK's top schools, and have tutored students towards 7+, 8+, 11+ and Common Entrance to Westminster, St. Paul's and King's College to name a few. I am also interested in preparing students for Oxbridge entrance, and look to develop a student's passion for subjects beyond the syllabus not only immediately preceding their application, but in the years prior. I wish to help as many students as possible reach their desired academic goals and hugely enjoy transferring my own knowledge to my young protégées. ...
Rish graduated from University College London with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics and teaches a variety of subjects to students from aged 7 to 18 years old in both one to one and group settings. He has extensive experience in helping children achieve their potential through simple yet productive methods, primarily focusing on 7+, 11+, GCSE & A Level examinations. He works closely with the parents or guardians of the student to create accessible and efficient plans of action, giving the student the greatest opportunity to succeed. Aside from tuition, his passions lie in sports, including Football and Mountaineering, as well as volunteering for organisations aiming to improve Educational opportunities in rural Africa. ...
A personable, articulate Cambridge graduate, who loves working with young people. I’m a natural problem solver, with a strong desire to ensure the success of my students. My strengths as a tutor involve creating a calm, non-judgemental space to learn, which I find allows students to develop their confidence and discover their talents.

At school, I combined a stellar rugby career, playing to a county standard, with academic excellence, achieving top grade A-Levels across the board, and earning a place at the University of Cambridge. I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a very solid 2.1 degree in Theology and Religious Studies in 2013. In my final year at Cambridge, I was the captain of the Clare College University Challenge team, making the quarter finals of the nationally televised competition.

My desire to teach began while I was still at school: Aged 16, I volunteered teaching English in my lunch breaks at my local primary school, and mentoring younger students at my own school who were not achieving their potential.

I have always been attracted to a wide range of challenges. After graduating from Cambridge, I began training as a secondary school RE teacher. I then pursued a career in fundraising, spending the last two years with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in London. I am now exploring training as a psychotherapist. ...
I was born and raised in the United Kingdom and won an academic scholarship to Sherborne School at the age of 13. When I was 16 years old my family relocated to the United States, so I completed my secondary education at a competitive high school in the Houston area. After quickly adjusting to the American system, I achieved excellent results in my AP exams and SAT tests and received a place in the prestigious Plan II Honours program at the University of Texas at Austin. I graduated a year early with high honours, a second major in History, and an undergraduate dissertation that was awarded special honours. I have years of experience tutoring for the SAT and ACT exams and experience teaching the American public school curriculum in the humanities. I specialize in preparing international students wishing to attend university in the United States. ...
I am currently at King's College London, studying for a Masters degree in War Studies. Previously, I studied Classics for 4 years at the University of St Andrews, specialising in Roman Comedy and the Greek symposium. I attended Haileybury & Imperial Service College, a coeducational independent school in Hertfordshire, from the age of 11 through to 18, achieving a school record in the 11+ entrance exam. ...
I am a friendly, encouraging teacher with over a decade's experience, particularly with students aged 11-13. Since graduating from Cambridge 13 years ago I have taught students of all sorts of abilities and ages (5-58) anywhere from Notting Hill to Nairobi. My curiosity about the world has drawn me to journalism as well as teaching. I worked at the Telegraph for two years and now I write about arts and culture for The Economist’s 1843, The Spectator and Apollo magazines. I am also the co-author of 'What on Earth is Going On? A Crash Course in Current Affairs' (HarperCollins, 2009 - Sunday Times 'Stocking Filler of the Year'). Both my teaching and writing are informed by a desire to understand the world, and to help others do so too. ...
Having studied in a boarding school in West Sussex, where I was a deputy-head of house and School prefect, I studied Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. At university, I encountered a wide variety of disciplines and ways of thinking; from politics, to psychology to history. I completed an MSc degree in Law and Anthropology at The London School of Economics (LSE), during which I worked as an administrator for a legal research network and organised conferences for a international think tank, most notably a conference at the European Union parliament in Brussels.

Following my studies, I worked for the Department for Education in Westminster, where I advised schools on how to progress and collaborate with each other. I also began volunteering with a grassroots educational charity that mentors children from underrepresented communities through organising sports coaching and workshops.

I then went on to teach History at Rugby School, a top-tier boarding school in the Midlands, where I taught students between the ages of 13 to 18 years. I was also a pastoral tutor in a boarding house, where I was responsible for helping the sixth form students with their university and UCAS applications.