Gus Neate - Private Tutor in South West London

Gus Neate Private Tutor in South West London

I am a professional tutor with 3 years’ experience. I am confident teaching all subjects up to 13+ level. I have extensive experience in tutoring Maths and Sciences from Common Entrance through to A- Level and university admissions advice. I am passionate about my subjects, know the curriculum in detail and make sure lessons are interesting and productive. Each student is different, and I like to take an approach which helps to boost marks through helping with confidence and exam technique for any level or ability.

Subjects I Teach

  • 11+ All Subjects
  • 13+ All Subjects
  • Further Maths A-Level
  • Maths A-Level
  • Maths GCSE
  • Oxbridge Entrance
  • Physics A-Level
  • Science GCSE

My Education & Qualifications

  • University of Oxford, 20142018
    Engineering Science (mEng): 2:1
  • School: Radley College
    A-Levels: Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Additional Further Maths A*, Physics A*, Politics A, Extended Project A GCSEs: 10 A*s in Maths, English Literature and Language, Dual Science, History, French, Spanish, German, Latin

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

I have offered tuition services over the last three years, and have experience in the following areas:

i. 7 / 8+: All Subjects

ii. Pre-Tests / 11+ / 13+: All Subjects
Case Study (2017): Work as residential tutor in Maths and Latin for a 12 year boy looking to attend top independent school. I built a strong relationship and provided structure, inspiration and understanding throughout the application process to boost the pupil’s marks over the entrance threshold.

iii. GCSE level: Maths and Sciences
Case Study (2016 - 2017): Ongoing support in the form of two hours weekly tuition in order to boost a reluctant student from a C to A in GCSE: Dual Award Science.

iv. A level: Maths and Physics
Case Study (2017): Work as residential tutor for pupil from top UK boarding school structuring revision timetable and providing wide ranging support boost to Maths A-Level grade to an A*.

v. University level: Engineering Application Advice
Case Study (2016): Provided prospective student with full tour of Oxford and provided insight into correct college application decision. Prepared student with practise interview questions and discussion culminating in offer from New College for Engineering Science.

My Approach to Tutoring

I take a highly professional attitude to tuition. The early steps include gaining an understanding of a pupils existing strengths and weaknesses as well as building a strong relationship with the student. Based upon areas identified for work, I can help to structure a study timetable and plan lessons that will plug gaps in knowledge.

I know the content and curriculum well for all major exam boards including pre-tests, GCSE or iGCSE as well as Edexcel, AQA, OCR, CIE, WJEC for A-Level. Due to this, I am able to structure lessons to exhaustively cover examination content as well as maximize time spent covering areas which are worth the most marks.

I believe that exam technique and confidence are particularly important to help students to fulfill their potential in the short time frame of exams. By allowing students to practice in realistic conditions, it reduces the stress and risk associated with final exams or interviews.

Fun Facts About Me

I am a keen skier, golfer, rugby, tennis and squash player.

I enjoy travel and have independently travelled across South America, India, China and South East Asia

I am an art history enthusiast and was lucky to spend two weeks studying Renaissance art in Venice, Florence and Rome.

My Client Testimonials

  • GCSE Science
    "Gus provided excellent support over the course of two year to our rather reluctant son!"

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I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019 with a BA in Human Sciences. Based in Central London, I now split my time between teaching and music.

I have significant experience as a tutor (40+ hours since the start of the academic year) and have recently taken on a classroom teaching job at The Academy School, Hampstead, where I teach KS3 Science.

Studying a uniquely broad degree and benefitting from outstanding teaching at Oxford, I have developed a strong understanding of the biological sciences (from Ecology to Animal Behaviour to Genetics), leading me to focus on tutoring Biology to A-Level (or below). I was a College Scholar at Oxford and have maintained a strong academic record throughout my education, achieving 2A* (Chemistry and Biology) and 1A (Maths) at A-Level while at Mount Kelly School.

My tutoring style is responsive and comprehensive, going far beyond the time I spend with a tutee. I believe that the most productive tutoring involves solutions and resources tailed to individual learning challenges - this preparation process is an essential part of my teaching style. ...
I am a Cambridge University graduate who graduated with a First Class BA & MSci in Natural Sciences, working as a tutor while I train to become a therapist. I achieved 6 A* A-levels, came 7th of 610 in 1st year Natural Sciences, then was ranked top of the year in my chosen specialty of Materials Science in 2nd year. Realising that the process of learning and development mattered more to me than the content itself, I pivoted away from a career in science to one of teaching and ultimately therapy.

I have 5+ years experience with students aged 4-21, including SEN, in a range of subjects including Math, Physics, Materials Science, English, EFL, entrance exams and even swimming. In my tutoring I specialise in confidence, motivation and exam mindset preparation, and I prioritise deep conceptual understanding over rote memorisation. My lively style is engaging and fosters good relationships with students.

As a training therapist I use my skills to assess the individual needs of every student to create a style and learning plan that works best for them. ...
I have been tutoring in London ever since I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. ...
I took a teaching post at Harrow School in 2015, teaching IGCSEs in English Language and Literature and delivering lectures to A-level students. I was also made Director-in-Residence and Master-in-Charge of Debating. Earlier that year I graduated with a first class degree in English Language and Literature from Christ Church, Oxford, where I was one of the twelve original Reuben Scholars. My papers in Shakespeare and Beckett for Finals were classed as publishable. Throughout my time at Oxford and Harrow, I have accumulated extensive experience tutoring privately for a range of abilities, from pre-test to university admissions. Although my undergraduate degree was in the arts, I have always nurtured a healthy interest in subjects across the curriculum, having studied Further Mathematics and Physics at A Level, and I am continually excited by the prospect of facilitating the development of a student’s academic pursuits in a variety of disciplines. A constant desire to advance my own knowledge energises me as a tutor, and I believe that communicating this enthusiasm allows me to stimulate both the curiosity and diligence of my tutees. ...
I’m a first class graduate with over a thousand hours of tutoring under my belt. I grew up in London and was educated at the highly selective Graveney School in South West London before going on to read English Literature at Warwick University (most competitive course in the country) where I achieved the third highest degree in my year. I come from a family of writers - and high achievers! I achieved one of the top five marks in the country for my English Literature GCSE and I bring this standard of excellence to all my teaching.

After graduating I went on to work in schools, discovering a passion for education whilst working as both a teacher and SEN specialist in both Secondary and Primary schools. Since becoming a private tutor I have taught a range of subjects and ages and have even spent two years working as the Household Tutor for an American-Iranian family, teaching a boy from pre-school to KS2 (ages 4 to 7).

Early Years and Primary are my specialty but I teach a lot of subjects - everything up to GCSE and all Humanities up to and including undergraduate, as well as 7+, 11+, 13+ (Westminster, Harrow, Eton Pre-test) and US exams. I also am available for residential and Skype tuition. ...
I graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2013 in Natural Sciences (specialising in chemistry) and went straight onto the Teach First graduate programme. For the past three years, I have taught science at Essa Academy in Bolton to students with a vast range of abilities and levels of engagement and have led on engaging and challenging gifted and talented students looking to apply to the top universities.

I am a professional, enthusiastic and committed teacher who is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with students of all ages and abilities. At Essa, I strive to instil in my students a determination to succeed and a confidence in their own abilities that allows them to maximise their potential – qualities that I have transferred to tutoring with great success. ...
I am a future trainee solicitor at Linklaters LLP and am about to commence studying for my LPC professional qualification. I have a First Class degree from Oxford in Classics (Literae Humaniores), 3 A*s (English Literature, Latin, Ancient Greek) and 1 A (History) at A level, and 12 A*s at GCSE. This year I have been tutoring students for Latin and Ancient Greek A levels, and also offer tutoring in English Literature and History A levels, and most subjects at GCSE (available on request). ...
Enthusiastic and experienced Oxford Economics and Management graduate, with 10 years of teaching experience and varying techniques I tailor my approach to each and every student. ...
I have just finished a degree in Natural Sciences (Biological) from the University of Cambridge and am now at music college, pursuing my passion for guitar performance. I achieved 5 A*s at A-level (with a 96.1% average at A2), taking subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Religious Studies. At Cambridge, whilst covering the full range of biological disciplines in first year (from Ecology to Biochemistry) as well as maths, I chose to specialise in Physiology, Development, and Neuroscience in my final year. On top of this, I maintain an interest in Evolutionary Biology (I am a big fan of Richard Dawkins!). For several years at Tonbridge school, I was involved in a community action program called 'Science For Schools', where we would host groups of primary school children weekly, running practicals and performing exciting demonstrations for them; the purpose being to try to encourage enthusiasm for science ...
I recently graduated from Oxford University with a first class degree in English Language and Literature. Before that I attended Eton College on a full bursary, where I was awarded an Oppidan Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement. I left Eton with three A*'s and an A at A Level.

My passion for teaching started when in my penultimate year at school I volunteered at a local special educational needs school. I found it immensely rewarding to instill in my students an enthusiasm for learning that led to understanding and success.

My educational background means that I have a thorough knowledge of the private educational sector in the UK, from scholarship exams, to writing personal statements, all the way through to preparing for decisive Oxbridge interviews.

My teaching experience has helped me become a non-judgemental, patient tutor, who understands that making learning enjoyable is key to anyone's academic success. ...