Kaur Aare Saar - Private Tutor in Oxford

Kaur Aare Saar Private Tutor in Oxford

I graduated from University of Cambridge in 2017 with MEng degree specialising in Information Engineering. My final project was on the borderline of robotics and machine learning by developing a machine learning based optimisation algorithm to improve the performance of robots. During high school, I was very passionate about olympiads. I was awarded several medals and prizes at International Mathematical Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad in Estonian national teams. After finishing high school I joined the Estonian National committees of physics and mathematics olympiad and I have been tutoring current high school students for international olympiads in the training camps.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • Oxford University, 20182022
    Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems (DPhil):
  • University of Cambridge, Trinity College, 20132017
    Engineering (MEng):
  • Hugo Treffner High School, 20102013
    (Estonian High School Diploma):

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

I have been involved in teaching and preparing the Estonian national physics and mathematics teams for international olympiads over the past four years. This includes lecturing in front of a larger classroom as well as tutoring for smaller groups with more interaction. This has allowed me to work with students from different backgrounds. Most of them are very talented and require special attention in the sessions to ensure that they do not get bored.

My Approach to Tutoring

My tutoring sessions are interactive requiring participation from both sides. I encourage students to ask questions. Instead of providing direct answers I prefer to direct their thought process in a way that they can figure out the answers themselves. This guarantees that the subject is understood to a deeper level. It also gives them satisfaction that the student has managed to solve the problems on their own while still using the time efficiently. In addition, I teach methods and strategies which make seemingly difficult problems solvable with little effort. I believe that there is no single tutoring method that would fit all students. My tutoring approach is flexible and is adjusted according to student's needs.

Fun Facts About Me

I am keen on gathering data about myself for analysing and making me more efficient. For example, I know that I have flown exactly 446383 km and been to 63 countries including the number of days I have spent in each country. I spend most of my free time travelling. I love hiking in nature and photography but I also like to go to art museums. Travelling has expanded my mindset and I has allowed me to learn about nature and different cultures worldwide.