Lily Edwards - Private Tutor in South West London

Lily Edwards  Private Tutor in South West London

I am a recent graduate of Durham University, where I completed a BA in English and Philosophy. Although I went to university in the UK, I grew up in New York, and completed all of my schooling in America. I attended one of the top boarding schools in the country, Groton School, on an academic scholarship. I took the SAT and AP exams, earning some of the highest scores in my class for both. I have been tutoring since the age of 15, as part of a tutoring program at Groton, for English and Philosophy students at Durham, and for the past few months here in London. Having attended both US and UK education systems, I understand and can work with both curriculums, especially with university entrance exams and processes.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • Durham University , 20152018
    English and Philosophy (BA): 2:1
  • School: Groton School
    Attended from 2012-2015 on academic scholarship; Scored 97th percentile on SSAT entrance exam; SAT: 2340/2400; AP: English Literature 5/5, English Language 5/5, US History 5/5, Music Theory 4/5, Calculus AB 4/5; SAT 2: English 790/800, Math 2 750/800

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

I started tutoring when I was 15 at Groton, going after classes to help students at a local secondary school with English, Maths, and Music. I was part of this program for three years. At Durham, I was selected by my college as a Fresher Representative, helping first year students settle into university life. As part of this position, I was a tutor to first year English and Philosophy students in writing and editing essays at university level. After moving to London this autumn, I have tutored several A level students in English and Philosophy, and in preparing for the SAT examinations. I am extremely excited to now be a part of Wentworth Tutors.

My Approach to Tutoring

The wonderful thing about one on one tutoring, is the freedom to tailor each session to a particular student and their unique ways of learning and understanding. The best way of doing this, I believe, is establishing a relationship between myself and the student, maintaining an open dialogue, so I can truly understand who they are and teach them in the best way I can.

Increasing confidence is also one of my central aims. To do this, again I encourage discussion, so students are able to fully talk through and realize their ideas, gaining confidence in their ability to think and find solutions. Through discussion, I am also able to guide them to their own conclusions rather than simply providing answers, allowing them to find confidence in their own knowledge, rather than simply imparting someone else's.

Finally, I hope to make sessions not only helpful, but fun and encouraging, so students end our time together feeling comfortable and excited about learning.

Fun Facts About Me

Throughout my whole life I have been passionate about drama and music. At both school and university, I was constantly involved with productions, at Durham going on to receive the award for Best Individual Onstage in my final year. At Durham, I was also a member of the Durham Revue, the leading sketch comedy troupe at the university. As part of the Revue, I wrote and performed my own material, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival twice in 2017 and 2018. In addition to drama, I love singing. In high school I was part of the choir, which toured the UK performing at King's College Cambridge, Christ Church Oxford, and St. Paul's Cathedral. I have also trained classically since the age of 13.

Having graduated from university, I now work part time at the Victoria and Albert Museum in their Theatre and Performance Department as a Research Assistant, helping put together an exhibition for 2021.

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I'm originally from New York, and have been living in London for a bit over a year now. After graduating from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Creative Writing (Cum Laude), I received my Master's degree from the London Film School. I've been privately tutoring for years, as a peer tutor on Harvard's campus with the Bureau of Study Council, as well as with private agencies. I also have extensive experience as an Admissions Representative in the Harvard Admissions Office. I specialise in the American curriculum and US College Counselling, but know and work with the English curriculum as well. ...
I've been tutoring and working with children part time since I finished school in 2014, and have graduated from Oxford University, where I studied English literature. Before that, I took IB at Wellington College, in which I scored 43 out of a possible 45 points. I've tutored in London, Oxford and Hong Kong, worked as a nanny, and set up and continue to run a school sponsorship program in Nepal, which provides disadvantaged children with the opportunity to be educated in Kathmandu. For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of tutoring is helping students gain confidence in something they thought they would never understand, or felt they weren't good at, turning a daunting task into something enjoyable. I've worked with children who range from 3 to 23 years old, but have most experience with Common Entrance at 11+ and 13+. The breath of the IB course means that I'm able to teach a range of subjects to a high standard, and have great experience balancing academic work with other areas of life, as well as finding important overlaps between diverse subjects and interests. ...
I am a Medieval and Renaissance literary historian. I have a BA in Philosophy (cum laude), a doctorate in English Literature, a master's in Classics from the University of Oxford, for which I was awarded the top distinction in my year, and recently held an AHRC-funded postdoc on the History Faculty at the University of Cambridge to explore how cultures remembered and forgot the European religious reformations in the early modern period. My interdisciplinary academic background and training means I am competent to teach at the crossroads of a number of disciplines. An American and British citizen, I have academic and cultural experience on both sides of the Atlantic. As a teenager I also lived a few years in Sofia, Bulgaria, attending an exceptional school in Eastern Europe that offered the IB Diploma. I am enthusiastic about motivating all kinds of people of all ages to pursue knowledge, and remain firmly convinced that enjoying a curriculum is the best way to mature and flourish intellectually. ...
Having boarded and studied at the King's School Canterbury, I then went on to graduate with a first class BA and an MPhil from St John’s College Cambridge in July 2017. I was then employed as a Philosophy and Theology teacher at Rugby school. Here I underwent teacher training for the PGCE and also functioned as a full time tutor to ten GCSE level boys, as well as choral assistant and shooting coach. Having worked closely with the head of Oxbridge, I am in a very strong position to advise on applications to leading universities worldwide. Balancing work with a competitive rifle-shooting at a semi-professional level requires huge drive and efficiency. I now work as a full time tutor, and bring this drive to each of the pupils that I work with in the hope that I can help them to realise their own passions and potential. ...
I grew up in a family that moved every few years, so I attended school first in private academies in Singapore, then the U.S. public school system. I went on to Harvard University, where I focused on the social sciences and graduated with a degree in Women & Gender Studies. After working in tech in the US, including over 3 years building and leading the customer support organization at Uber, I am currently pursuing a Master of Science at the London School of Economics.

As a lifelong bookworm and overall nerd, I look to bring that excitement for learning to those around me, be that within a classroom or in the workplace. During my undergraduate years, I focused my extracurricular time tutoring in and leading an organization that provided free English Second Language classes. At Uber, I personally coached 11 direct reports to develop leadership, analytical, and people management skills, either directly promoting or facilitating their promotion to higher level roles within the company.

I am well versed in the US system, including AP and college entrance exams, and I particularly enjoy working with students through the entire admissions processes, especially when it comes to personal essays. In addition, I can support any students looking to gain presentation and data analysis skills. You can always count of me to bring some humor and levity to facilitate learning, whether the topic is the SAT exam or using Excel. ...
After finishing two degrees from Stanford and Kingston Universities (covering a range of topics from philosophy of religion and mathematics to critical theory) I am now preparing to teach philosophy in prisons and studying to become a psychoanalyst. ...
I am a driven and enthusiastic tutor with over 8 years of tutoring experience. I have a passion for learning, and am currently completing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at UCL.

Given my academic background, I have experience teaching GCSE, A level and undergraduate level Psychology. I also have experience tutoring creative writing, English literature / language, and maths.

I have spent time training and working at The Princeton Review in New York where I taught English as a second language to children and adults, and worked with highly driven students on US boarding school and university test preparation (SSATs, SATs, ACTs). I have a specialized knowledge of US higher education.

I have spent time working in a private children’s therapy clinic, and my career has lent itself to working with students with a diverse range of learning styles, including working with students with special learning needs (i.e. ADHD, autism spectrum, dyslexia / dyspraxia / dyscalculia etc).

I hold an MA in Clinical Psychology, and a BA in Sociology from the University of Toronto. I believe in recognising the unique potential in each of the students I work with. ...
I have a first-class degree in Education, English and Drama from St John's College, the University of Cambridge and a great deal of teaching experience both internationally and in the UK. With a body of educational thought behind my work, I've lectured on William Shakespeare in The Cayman Islands, the US and Switzerland (among other venues). Working with touring theatre groups I have expertise in theatrical texts and classical plays. I taught at an independent secondary school in Bath, preparing students for their GCSE and A-Level examinations and taking responsibility for A-Level coursework. After applying my educational experience to the corporate sector I have returned to Freelance teaching full-time. ...
I’m a postgraduate medical student at King’s College London and Bristol University graduate with a passion for a wide range of subjects. Studying humanities to A level, focusing on crop genetics during my undergraduate degree and now working to become a doctor translates well into tutoring a varied curriculum and ensures I’ve had plenty of experience in the process of learning. I'm an enthusiastic tutor; effective tutoring raises children’s confidence and gives them skills which they can take far beyond our sessions, which is my favourite aspect of the job. ...