Rish Chowdhry - Private Tutor in North West London

Rish Chowdhry Private Tutor in North West London

Rish graduated from University College London with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics and teaches a variety of subjects to students from aged 7 to 18 years old in both one to one and group settings. He has extensive experience in helping children achieve their potential through simple yet productive methods, primarily focusing on 7+, 11+, GCSE & A Level examinations. He works closely with the parents or guardians of the student to create accessible and efficient plans of action, giving the student the greatest opportunity to succeed. Aside from tuition, his passions lie in sports, including Football and Mountaineering, as well as volunteering for organisations aiming to improve Educational opportunities in rural Africa.

Subjects I Teach

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

2016 - Present Private Tutor, Freelance
Worked with clients aged 7 to 25, helping them unlock and achieve their potential as a Maths, Economics, English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning tutor.
Have accumulated over 500 hours of one-to-one tuition and over 200 hours of online tuition to students in India, Nigeria and the UK. Tutoring young learners, aged 6-11 preparing for highly coveted places in top London Prep Schools including Highgate, UCS, St Paul’s, Westminster, NLCS, Latymer, Henrietta Barnet etc.
Combining past-paper centred lessons with accelerator-driven intense sessions on Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal reasoning. Providing both in-person lessons and online tutoring for struggling or aspiring students.
Online tuition has been to clients in India and Nigeria prepping for CBSE & Edexcel Board for GCSE & A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Tutoring students aged 15-25.
Working with students from Year 9 onwards to prepare thoroughly for upcoming GCSE exams as well as A Level students studying Edexcel Economics.

2015 - 2016 Teaching Assistant, Bright Young Things
Taught Maths and English at North West London tuition centre, helping children aged 5 to 12 in both Maths and English entrance examinations.
Planned extensive revision lessons and exam help preparation for students.
Taught both group and one-to-one classes.
Developed my interpersonal skills through building relationships with my pupils and helped them progress into their desired secondary schools.
Improved the confidence of the students I worked with through consistent one-to-one lessons aside from their main curriculum at the centre.

2012 - 2014 Academic Tutor, The John Lyon School
Volunteered to help younger children in Maths, English and Art & Design.
Worked with each student, one-to-one, for 6 months minimum to improve confidence and output in preparation for end of year examinations.
Taught artistic techniques and mathematical methodology that was accessible to students, given their experience.

My Approach to Tutoring

My teaching style is simplicity above all, and I take a lot of inspiration from the quote “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. My primary focus is to foster a love of learning in the pupils I support and arm them with the learning tools and strategies to flourish independently, without creating a dependence on myself. I am a passionate educator who can transmit information in an engaging and creative way, bespoke to a child’s learning style and interests. Building confidence, resilience and a ‘can-do attitude’ is at the heart of my tutoring philosophy.

Fun Facts About Me

Aside from tuition, my passions lie in sports, including Football and Mountaineering. To date I have climbed 17 peaks in total in the UK, Swiss Alps and Greenland. I was also part of the UCL football team at University and various teams outside of school. I also devote a sizeable amount of time to volunteering for organisations aiming to improve Educational opportunities in rural Africa. The current charity I work for is called Give Opportunity Global, helping to raise money to build schools in Rwanda and also provide micro-finance to help women start businesses.

My Client Testimonials

  • 11+ Common Entrance into Highgate, Latymer & Dame Alice Owens
    "We have been very pleased with Rish’s tutoring of our daughter, Martha. He clearly plans carefully for each lesson and will stick with a particular subject until he feels that Martha has really grasped it. He has also helped her develop exam technique and strategies for dealing with tricky questions. Martha herself says that Rish is great and she never has to worry about giving a wrong answer because he gives her so much encouragement. She already feels more confident in her maths lessons at school."
  • A Level Maths & Statistics - went from a B to an A*
    "Before I began tuition, I felt much less confident in GCSE maths and statistics but after 2 months with Rish as my tutor my confidence has grown massively, and I’ve seen the difference in my grades. Rish is always reliable, punctual and flexible to accommodate the times I am available. The lessons are well structured, and I’m always challenged further on areas that I’m struggling with. In such a short time I’ve seen the positive effect tuition with Rish has had."
  • 8+ Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal
    "Hi Rish, I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you have been doing with my daughter, Jemima. Her written English has improved so much, and her teacher sent her home with a certificate for being “Most Improved” with a gold star. She was so proud of herself and didn’t stop smiling all night. I can’t thank you enough and am so excited for her future!"
  • Maths iGCSE
    "It went very well. Layomi said he taught better than her teacher at school! Thanks so much. "

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I am an empathetic and enthusiastic tutor with over 1000 hours of experience and a member of the Tutor’s Association. Parents have consistently commented on my ability to inspire and build excellent rapport with their children. In all my tutorials, I endeavour to cultivate the untapped potential that is can be difficult to unlock in the very formal and hierarchical school environment. What is more, my experiences as a tutor and observations in schools have also given me a strong insight into how to develop a form of pedagogy that is congenial to tutorials but not irreconcilable with classroom teaching. ...
I took a teaching post at Harrow School in 2015, teaching IGCSEs in English Language and Literature and delivering lectures to A-level students. I was also made Director-in-Residence and Master-in-Charge of Debating. Earlier that year I graduated with a first class degree in English Language and Literature from Christ Church, Oxford, where I was one of the twelve original Reuben Scholars. My papers in Shakespeare and Beckett for Finals were classed as publishable. Throughout my time at Oxford and Harrow, I have accumulated extensive experience tutoring privately for a range of abilities, from pre-test to university admissions. Although my undergraduate degree was in the arts, I have always nurtured a healthy interest in subjects across the curriculum, having studied Further Mathematics and Physics at A Level, and I am continually excited by the prospect of facilitating the development of a student’s academic pursuits in a variety of disciplines. A constant desire to advance my own knowledge energises me as a tutor, and I believe that communicating this enthusiasm allows me to stimulate both the curiosity and diligence of my tutees. ...
Enthusiastic and experienced Oxford Economics and Management graduate, with 10 years of teaching experience and varying techniques I tailor my approach to each and every student. ...
Having studied in a boarding school in West Sussex, where I was a deputy-head of house and School prefect, I studied Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. At university, I encountered a wide variety of disciplines and ways of thinking; from politics, to psychology to history. I completed an MSc degree in Law and Anthropology at The London School of Economics (LSE), during which I worked as an administrator for a legal research network and organised conferences for a international think tank, most notably a conference at the European Union parliament in Brussels.

Following my studies, I worked for the Department for Education in Westminster, where I advised schools on how to progress and collaborate with each other. I also began volunteering with a grassroots educational charity that mentors children from underrepresented communities through organising sports coaching and workshops.

I then went on to teach History at Rugby School, a top-tier boarding school in the Midlands, where I taught students between the ages of 13 to 18 years. I was also a pastoral tutor in a boarding house, where I was responsible for helping the sixth form students with their university and UCAS applications.

I graduated from St. John's College, Cambridge in 2016 with a first class degree in History of Art and an MPhil in Early 20th Century British Modernist Painting. I was born and live in London and attended Westminster Under School and Eton College, two of the country's most prestigious and competitive private schools. ...
I am a fourth year Physics PhD student at UCL. My occupation relies on my ability to understand complex theoretical concepts and explain them to both technical and non-technical experts.

I am a high achiever, obtaining a First Class (Hons) MPhys Theoretical Physics from The University of Sheffield. In my final year I scored the highest grade in the University for "Analytical Dynamics and Classical Field Theory" (93%). Other final year results include 88% in "Advanced Quantum Mechanics" and 84% in "Aspects of Modern Physics". I currently work in theoretical/computational quantum physics looking at electron scattering in molecules. Therefore I have a good grounding in maths, physics and programming.

I studied all three sciences, maths and further maths at A-level. For G.C.S.E I took triple science, maths and electronics (in addition to 7 other subjects).

In addition to my academic experience I have over two years corporate experience. I successfully completed a highly competitive internship and graduate scheme at Barclays Bank PLC, where I worked predominantly in Credit Risk and Credit Risk Modelling. I left the Bank so that I could develop my technical skills, such as, quantitative analysis and programming. Due to my experience working in a professional environment I am also well equipped to advise students how to write CVs and apply themselves to industry or academia. ...
I work for the London School of Economics and Harvard University, where I co-teach a 120-student graduate-level class on international economic development and produce applied research on economies in Africa, the Middle East and beyond. This year, I will also co-teach a class on international trade with the Dean of the School of Public Policy at LSE! I have a Bachelor's degree from Brown University in physics and philosophy and a Master's degree from Harvard in economics and public policy, where my thesis won 'Most Outstanding'. Outside of work, I deeply enjoy tutoring students to assist with Economics, Mathematics, Physics and college applications. I especially enjoy awakening students inner curiosity and passion for knowledge, learning and excellence. ...
I was brought up in Paris and moved to London to study at Imperial College, where I obtained a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Theoretical Physics with High First Class honours. My research focused on the way in which alternative logic systems can help us bridge the gap between quantum mechanics and relativity. I was awarded Associateship of the Royal College of Science.

Although I am a science specialist, I also have a strong background in English and Verbal Reasoning. I sat the GRE in 2016 for entrance to US Grad School and got exceptionally good grades (Verbal Reasoning - 99th percentile, Analytical Writing - 93rd percentile).

Since 2011, I have offered private tuition for all major examination boards as well as working for the Imperial College summer schools. ...
My name is Sasha and I'm a junior doctor working at Homerton University Hospital, in North-East London. I completed an undergraduate degree, and Masters, in chemistry (with chemical biology) at Magdalen College, Oxford, and then went on to study Medicine (Graduate-Entry) at King's College London. I have been tutoring for the past 7 years, across a range of subjects and levels; my aim is always to broaden and develop my students' understanding of their subject, before going on to develop exam technique and build confidence. ...
I am a London School of Economics (LSE) graduate, where I completed a BSc in Mathematics with Economics in 2014. Since then, I have worked in the aerospace and renewable energy sectors both in the UK and Denmark. As of September 2020, I will begin my PGCE Secondary Mathematics with QTS in North London.

I have 4 years of tutoring experience, including 1 year of online tuition. I enjoy teaching students of different age groups and ability levels as I always tailor my teaching to each student.

I attended a mixed comprehensive secondary school where I achieved 7 A* and 4 As at GCSE and went onto complete 5 A Levels, including an A* in maths which I completed in one year instead of two. ...