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Rosalind McAlpine Private Tutor in Central London

Having recently graduated from Oxford University with a first class degree in Experimental Psychology, and in receipt of a Masters offer from both UCL and Yale, I now tutor students in a range of subjects. My experience of working with children, both academically and extracurricularly, has provided me with a variety of skills suitable for this role. I'm particularly interested in entrance into the UK's top schools and universities. I specialise in tutoring pupils for the 7 plus, 11 plus and Common Entrance. I also mentor students for Oxbridge applications. I thoroughly enjoy tutoring and have experience tutoring hourly, daily and residentially.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • Oxford University, 20142017
    Experimental Psychology (BA): 1st
  • School: Trinity of John Whitgift
    Psychology A*, Biology A*, Philosophy A*, English A

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

2018-Present - SEN Learning Support Assistant.

I am an SEN Learning Support Assistant at St. Peter’s Eaton Square. I work with a Year 3 pupil with cerebral palsy, who has speech and language difficulties and is in need of 1:1 support in order to successfully continue her academic year. My other duties include general assistance with teaching within Years 3 and 4. I also have experience working with a children who have a variety of Special Educational Needs, including dyslexia, ADHD, autism and global delay.

2015-Present - Residential Tutor.

I have experience tutoring residentially with families, with stays ranging from 2 days to 2 months. I have both been a tutor and a ‘study buddy’ for clients all over world, teaching pupils aged 5-19. My experience on such trips is varied. In some cases I tutored the students for full study days, covering a range of subjects and tailoring tutoring to each individual’s needs. Yet in other cases only half a day of study was required, and I would organise day trips and extra-curricular activities for the remaining day.

2014-Present - National Curriculum (SATs) Tutor.

I currently tutor all primary school subjects to a range of students. I prepare students in the lead up to their National Curriculum assessments including SATs. For students in KS1, I tutor English and Mathematics using the NC framework. For KS2 students I tutor English, Mathematics and Science.

2014-Present - A-Level Tutor.

I currently tutor a variety of A-Level students in Psychology, Biology and Philosophy. Last year all of my Psychology students achieved an A/A* in their A-Level examinations. One of these students failed their AS Level mock examinations in Lower Sixth and after weekly tutoring sessions with me managed to gain an A* in their final examinations. A Philosophy student of mine went from a D to an A in their A-Level examinations. I found similar results for Biology student of mine, who went from a C to an A*.

2013-Present - Entrance Examination Tutor.

I currently tutor a number of students in 7+ entry subjects, including English, Mathematics, Reasoning and Listening tests. I tutor students from the age of 5, and have continued working with these students through to their Common Entrance examinations and beyond. I also tutor a number of students in both 11+ and 13+ examinations. Depending on each student’s specific requirements, I teach a range of Common Entrance specific material covering Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Sciences and French.

2012-Present - GCSE Tutor.

I currently tutor a variety of students in most GCSE subjects. I have experience with both hourly and daily tutor sessions, covering multiple subjects with individual students.

2010-2011 - Teaching Assistant, Keston Primary School.

I worked as a Teaching Assistant (work experience placement) in a Year 2 class, which, among other things, involved supervising group activities, helping manage class behaviour, and leading classes.

My Approach to Tutoring

My personal teaching philosophy combines academic excellence with cultural appreciation. That is, I not only to teach my students the ‘ins and outs’ of their academic curriculum, but also to go beyond this expectation and aim to incorporate additional artistic and cultural elements to their eduction. I thoroughly enjoy tutoring both hourly, daily and residentially; I love watching my students learn and develop, as well as socialising and building relationships with new families.

Each tutee is different, and I make sure to tailor my tutoring to the specific needs of the individual. With younger children I like to incorporate en element of educational play, as children learn more easily if they are also enjoying the tutorial session. With older students I also create an interesting learning environment, but also believe every student is capable of performing to the best of their ability so I push my students to achieve high grades.

Fun Facts About Me

I used to dive internationally for GB; my best title being British Junior Diving Championships (1st Place) (2010) or GB National Age Group Championships (1st Place) (2009). I also competed nationally and regionally in Artistic Gymnastics. I now coach diving and gymnastics. I focus primarily on dance now, specifically contemporary. I teach on the weekends and have choreographed for a number of companies.

My Client Testimonials

  • A-Level Psychology
    "Rosalind has been tutoring my son in A Level Psychology for the past few months. The sessions are usually a full day, teaching him the material from all three papers, as well as going over exam technique. Rosalind incorporates past papers as well as her own quizzes to mix it up and make sure that the information is being remembered. She also creates and drills essay plans, clarifying any material which he is unsure of. My son started the sessions with little confidence in his ability in psychology, I have always felt he was a reluctant learner, however, Rosalind engaged with him really quickly and there was a vast improvement in his ability to retain new information, as well as enthusiasm for the subject. With Rosalind’s direction and encouragement his confidence has grown, he is able to retain new information and summarise work in his own words. Evidence of his progression has been seen in his mock exam grades - going from D to A/A* (in the topics that Rosalind has done with him). On a personal level, Rosalind is a really lovely person - engaged, friendly, professional and always punctual. We have been so lucky to have her work with our son, she has been such a positive influence on him and he feels so much more prepared for his exams. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rosalind as a tutor or study buddy. Sincerely, Julia Little"
  • Eleven Plus English, Maths and Reasoning
    "Rosalind tutored both our girls for their eleven plus exams in Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The girls absolutely loved Rosalind and respected her hugely. She inspired them to work hard and achieve the results they wanted. Rosalind tutored them both weekly and also stayed with us for a week over the Summer Holidays and was an absolute delight to have stay. She has wonderful character and is a pleasure to have around. More importantly our girls both got into all their schools thanks to Rosalind's help. I would highly recommend Rosalind as a tutor. Megan Taylor"
  • Thirteen Plus Maths
    "Rosalind tutored Tanya in the lead up to her ISEB 13+ Mathematics Examinations. Rosalind created a detailed revision schedule in which Tanya was able to hit all her targets in time before her exam. Rosalind gave Tanya the confidence she needed to perform well in the examination, and explained material Tanya didn't understand previously. Rosalind was extremely polite and punctual, and Tanya loved having her as a tutor. She created a huge impression on Tanya and we would recommend her as a tutor. "
  • Eton Entrance Preparation
    "Rosalind is tutoring and mentoring our son for his Eton entrance examination and interview. Rosalind is well-informed and Tom respects her hugely. They work together to practise interview style questions and to prepare Tom for pressure environments. They also have worked on the examination, improving Toms memory and reasoning skills as well as Maths and English. Now Rosalind works with Tom to prepare him for his end of term tests and for his upcoming 13+ examinations. Sarah Hagharty "
  • Seven Plus English and Maths
    "We were in England for 2 months during the summer vacation and Rosalind tutored our 6 year old in English and Maths as we are preparing him for the 11+ entrance exams to take later. Our son loved working with Rosalind and was motivated to learn every single day. She really improved his spoken and written English as well as covering a huge amount of additional maths material. We will be using Rosalind again next year when we return to London. "

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I graduated last year with a 1st in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford. My experience as a tutor extends across different levels and subjects, from teaching English as a foreign language to 11+ exams, and university entrance preparation. Throughout the years, I have worked with students on a wide range of curriculums to hone their skills and expand not only their knowledge, but also their interest and love for the subject. Having won a bursary to attend Wellington College in 2011, I studied the IB, and was one of the very few students in the world to achieve a maximum of 45 points. Some of the distinctions I was awarded for my academic performances include the Gavin Ewart Poetry Prize, the Verrall English Prize, the Music Essay Prize, and the Lady Emma Talbot Special Prize. I went on to earn a place at Oxford University where I read BA Honours in English Language and Literature. Following my Distinction in Prelims, I was awarded the Casberd Scholarship for outstanding results. ...
I took a teaching post at Harrow School in 2015, teaching IGCSEs in English Language and Literature and delivering lectures to A-level students. I was also made Director-in-Residence and Master-in-Charge of Debating. Earlier that year I graduated with a first class degree in English Language and Literature from Christ Church, Oxford, where I was one of the twelve original Reuben Scholars. My papers in Shakespeare and Beckett for Finals were classed as publishable. Throughout my time at Oxford and Harrow, I have accumulated extensive experience tutoring privately for a range of abilities, from pre-test to university admissions. Although my undergraduate degree was in the arts, I have always nurtured a healthy interest in subjects across the curriculum, having studied Further Mathematics and Physics at A Level, and I am continually excited by the prospect of facilitating the development of a student’s academic pursuits in a variety of disciplines. A constant desire to advance my own knowledge energises me as a tutor, and I believe that communicating this enthusiasm allows me to stimulate both the curiosity and diligence of my tutees. ...
I have experience teaching a range of ages, both privately part-time and in full time employment as a teacher at Hurstpierpoint College, where I worked for a year before starting my degree at Oxford University. I have a particular interest in entrance into the UK's top schools and Universities, teaching 11 plus, Common Entrance, and preparing students for Oxbridge. I am aided by a detailed understanding of UK independent schools as well as experience preparing for the American education system at ISEE and SSAT level in particular. I have delivered private tuition to children between 5 and 20 years. I find tutoring immensely rewarding and particularly enjoy the focused nature of assisting an individual with their academic goals. ...
I’m a postgraduate medical student at King’s College London and Bristol University graduate with a passion for a wide range of subjects. Studying humanities to A level, focusing on crop genetics during my undergraduate degree and now working to become a doctor translates well into tutoring a varied curriculum and ensures I’ve had plenty of experience in the process of learning. I'm an enthusiastic tutor; effective tutoring raises children’s confidence and gives them skills which they can take far beyond our sessions, which is my favourite aspect of the job. ...
I graduated from Oriel College, Oxford in July 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. Throughout my school career I have balanced academic life with competitive tennis as a government funded, semi-professional player. This required huge drive and efficiency, for which I was rewarded with a stellar set of results at both GCSE and A-Level and a place at Oxford. Before starting my degree, I began tutoring part-time and have since helped children of a range of ages and abilities achieve similar academic excellence. I specialise in entrance to the UK's top schools, and have tutored students towards 7+, 8+, 11+ and Common Entrance to Westminster, St. Paul's and King's College to name a few. I am also interested in preparing students for Oxbridge entrance, and look to develop a student's passion for subjects beyond the syllabus not only immediately preceding their application, but in the years prior. I wish to help as many students as possible reach their desired academic goals and hugely enjoy transferring my own knowledge to my young protégées. ...
I graduated from Durham University in 2012 with a degree in Natural Sciences, specialising in Biology and Psychology. Shortly after graduating, I moved to London to begin work as a Medical Writer. This involved writing a variety of documents for the pharmaceutical industry for new or developing medical drugs.

In 2015 I made the change into teaching. I studied teaching with Goldsmith's University and specialised in Secondary Science. For two years I have been a professional Science teacher based in South East London. I teach pupils aged 11-18, teaching Chemistry, Biology and Physics to GCSE and Biology A-level. I am an enthusiastic and committed teacher and am passionate about helping young people to understand and enjoy science. I encourage pupils to think on their own, scaffolding their learning and slowly taking away training wheels so they have the confidence and self-belief to make progress on their own. ...
I studied Natural Sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge graduating with a II.I in my Chemistry Master’s and with a first in my Bachelor’s in Natural Sciences. Throughout my four years at Cambridge University, I was awarded the BP prize for Chemistry as well as three Foundation Scholarship awards. Before Cambridge I attended King’s College School, Wimbledon where I completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma, achieving 45 points. Prior to that, I studied at The Tiffin Girls' School where I went on to achieve straight A* in my GCSE's.

I have tutored Chemistry HL & SL, Biology HL and Maths HL to students attending revision camps as well as privately in person or over Skype. ...
I graduated last year with 1st class honours in Experimental Psychology (BA) from the University of Oxford. I was three times awarded a college scholarship for my academic achievement, and received the Burton Prize upon graduating for the best college performance across Psychology, Geography, Sociology and Human Sciences. I am now a professional tutor and confident teaching the following subjects; Psychology, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Geography. I also offer sessions for Oxbridge applications. I first started tutoring as a student and loved working one-on-one with my students to help them achieve their goals. Now tutoring full-time, I am dedicated to offering a tutoring experience that is tailored specifically to my student’s needs, building their confidence to go into their examinations fully prepared. ...
I am a full time professional tutor and GCSE exam marker with over eight years experience of tutoring and teaching in high achieving schools, including St Paul's Girls' School. Since graduating from Imperial College London, I have used my character and enthusiasm to help hundreds of students succeed. ...
I've been tutoring and working with children part time since I finished school in 2014, and have just graduated from Oxford University, where I studied English literature. Before that, I took IB at Wellington College, in which I scored 43 out of a possible 45 points. I've tutored in London, Oxford and Hong Kong, worked as a nanny, and set up and continue to run a school sponsorship program in Nepal, which provides disadvantaged children with the opportunity to be educated in Kathmandu. For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of tutoring is helping students gain confidence in something they thought they would never understand, or felt they weren't good at, turning a daunting task into something enjoyable. I've worked with children who range from 3 to 16 years old, but have most experience with Common Entrance at 11+ and 13+. The breath of the IB course means that I'm able to teach a range of subjects to a high standard, and have great experience balancing academic work with other areas of life, as well as finding important overlaps between diverse subjects and interests. ...