Sam Groom - Private Tutor in Central London, West London, Hampshire, and Berkshire

Sam Groom Private Tutor in Central London, West London, Hampshire, and Berkshire

Having recently graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge, with first-class honours in Modern and Medieval Languages, I am excited to share my enthusiasm for language, literature and culture with others. Throughout my education I have benefitted from outstanding teaching, delivered in a wide range of styles but united by a love of the subject matter and the creativity required to make a given language relevant to the world of the pupil. I have often told my friends, when they insist that they "can't do languages", that anyone can learn a language if they find the method that suits them. I work with each of my tutees to find the most efficient and enjoyable language-learning techniques for them as an individual, and to inspire them to strengthen their relationship with the language independently.

I passionately believe not only that learning languages improves us as individuals members of society by giving us direct access to treasures of world culture, broadening our cultural horizons and inviting us to step into others' shoes, but also that learning a language can and should be easy, rewarding and fun. In an age of advanced language-learning software, a personal tutor is indispensable in ascertaining and maintaining the best approach for each learner.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • City, University of London, 20182019
    Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL): Distinction
  • University of Cambridge, 20142018
    Modern and Medieval Languages (French and German) (BA): 1st
  • School: Winchester College
    At this school I achieved 10 A*s at GCSE and 4 D1s at the Cambridge Pre-U, the top grade in this challenging A-Level alternative. My Pre-U mark in German was the highest nationwide. I was an academic scholar, head boy (Aulae Praefectus), and the winner of prizes for academic essays, oral presentations and creative writing.

My Approach to Tutoring

I believe that anyone can learn a language if they take a little time to work out a method that suits them. As a tutor, I work quickly to identify my tutee's ideal style of learning and tailor every lesson to this approach. Moreover, I get to know my tutee's personal interests in order to incorporate these into learning materials and thereby maximise attention and retention. One can see a language as a lens: if you learn to look through the lens at things that interest you, the whole process is easier and more enjoyable. I find that this view allows me to help learners who believe they struggle with languages; however, I equally enjoy stretching those who are already able and confident. I am happy to work with my tutee in a way targeted towards a specific short-term goal such as a test or a trip abroad, as well as providing regular learning support. Language-learning at all levels provides opportunities for the exploration of different facets of human culture, and for their critical discussion. I am very happy to give guidance on essay-writing in English or in the target language on literature, history, philosophy, current affairs or anything else of interest to my tutee that is relevant to their studies or their wider development.

Fun Facts About Me

At school I ran the debating society; nowadays, I am a keen debater of ethics and politics. I play the piano, sing (in a choir, by myself or to myself, depending on the day of the week), and enjoy listening to all kinds of music. I like to play tennis and table-tennis and to swim. I love travelling and discovering new parts of the cultural and natural worlds. I am training to be a barrister.

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I have been a tutor since I began my undergraduate degree at Oxford in 2013. I graduated with the highest first class degree in English Language and Literature at my college, Christ Church. At Christ Church I was also an Academic Scholar and holder of a Gibbs Prize for achieving a Distinction in Preliminary Examinations and coming 10th in a year of 240 students. In 2016, I started a Masters degree in English Language and Literature at University College London, where I was awarded the Shakespeare and Rhetoric Prize by Professor Brian Vickers. In 2018, I was awarded a fully-funded place on Oxford's DPhil (PhD) programme by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Since then, I have been a lecturer and tutor at Christ Church and New College, teaching English Literature from the Renaissance to the present. I have also twice been an interviewer for the Oxford admissions interview.

Throughout my time at Oxford and UCL, I have accumulated extensive experience tutoring privately for a range of abilities, from pre-test to university admissions, including undergraduate and postgraduate study. Although my main subject is English, I have a strong interest in other languages and arts. Having grown up in Paris with dual English/Italian nationality, I am a native speaker of English, Italian and French, and can speak conversational Spanish. My interest and ability in History of Art has lead me to teaching the subject for the General Paper of the Eton Oppidan Scholarship. My constant desire to learn and develop intellectually is something which is greatly helped by tutoring, and this passion is one I seek to instil in all my tutees. ...
I took a teaching post at Harrow School in 2015, teaching IGCSEs in English Language and Literature and delivering lectures to A-level students. I was also made Director-in-Residence and Master-in-Charge of Debating. Earlier that year I graduated with a first class degree in English Language and Literature from Christ Church, Oxford, where I was one of the twelve original Reuben Scholars. My papers in Shakespeare and Beckett for Finals were classed as publishable. Throughout my time at Oxford and Harrow, I have accumulated extensive experience tutoring privately for a range of abilities, from pre-test to university admissions. Although my undergraduate degree was in the arts, I have always nurtured a healthy interest in subjects across the curriculum, having studied Further Mathematics and Physics at A Level, and I am continually excited by the prospect of facilitating the development of a student’s academic pursuits in a variety of disciplines. A constant desire to advance my own knowledge energises me as a tutor, and I believe that communicating this enthusiasm allows me to stimulate both the curiosity and diligence of my tutees. ...