Stuart Gardner - Private Tutor in West London

Stuart Gardner Private Tutor in West London

I graduated from Cambridge University with a first-class BA and a first-class MSci in Natural Sciences (Physical), specialising in Physics after my first year; in my final (Master's) year I achieved a mark of 80%, finishing in the top 20 of my year. Since university, I have worked for three years as a management consultant in aviation, but am now returning to university (Imperial College London) to study for a Masters in environmental technology.

As part of my degree, I completed a course in Physics Education. I also taught Maths on a voluntary basis during my final year at university and spent a summer in Spain teaching English. Having enjoyed my previous experiences in teaching and mentoring younger colleagues at work, I am excited about the prospect of tutoring in Maths and Physics in London; I still retain a strong interest in the subjects and hope to communicate this interest to students, perhaps encouraging them to pursue a career in science or mathematics!

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • Imperial College, 20182019
    Environmental Technology (MSc): Ongoing
  • University of Cambridge, 20142015
    Natural Sciences (Phyiscal) (MSci): 1st
  • University of Cambridge, 20112014
    Natural Sciences (Phyiscal) (BA): 1st
  • School: St John Payne Comprehensive
    A-Levels: Maths A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Critical Thinking A; self-studied Further Maths. GCSEs: 8 A*s (including in Maths, Statistics, Science, and Additional Science); 3 As

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

As part of the third year of my degree, I completed a course in Physics education, which involved assisting in teaching a Year 11 (15 - 16 years) class for a full term. At the end of this term, I designed and presented my own lesson to the class. A report written on the basis of this lesson and feedback from the teacher with whom I worked led to me obtaining a first-class mark in this module.

After enjoying my experience teaching in a classroom, during my fourth year at University I volunteered to teach Maths to a Year 10 class on a weekly basis at a local school. I largely assisted pupils on a one-to-one basis, but also gave lessons to the class.

Post-university, I spent a summer in the Basque region of Spain living with a family and teaching their three children (aged 5, 9 and 10) English - this gave me valuable experience in teaching on a one-to-one basis, and took me outside my comfort zone of Science and Maths!

During my three years working as a consultant in aviation, I have also mentored and taught a number of new joiners; through this and my work with clients, I have further improved my communication and presenting skills.

My Approach to Tutoring

I believe that the most important basis for tutoring is that the pupil feels engaged and interested; without this, it is difficult to achieve long-term success and diligence. As such, the lessons must be captivating. From experience, I appreciate that this can be realised in disparate ways - while some pupils may be engaged through being challenged, others may prefer lessons that give focus to their own particular interests.

It is also imperative that students have a thorough understanding of a topic before working on it - it is all too easy to 'go through the motions' without truly understanding what is being done and why. In mathematics and physics, this could involve showing a student a proof of what they are studying (if appropriate to their level), or discussing with them the real-world applications of the topic. I therefore spend time ensuring tutees have a strong grasp of a topic's foundations before moving forwards.

Fun Facts About Me

I am an avid footballer - I played at University level and at a semi-professional level before that, and I continue to play on Saturdays in London.

I speak good Spanish, having studied it during University and having spent some time in Spain after my studies. I also worked in Toulouse for a year, where I learnt French.

I'm interested in wildlife and conservation, and am studying for a Masters in environmental technology.

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I have always loved studying maths and physics and find tutoring in these subjects especially worthwhile. I tutor alongside studying; I am currently doing a PhD in aeronautics, working on simulation of wind turbines, at Imperial. I graduated with a first in Engineering Science from Oxford in 2019 where I came in the top 5% of my class and was awarded with the Head of Department's Prize for Excellent Performance. I have been tutoring in maths and sciences since I was at school and have been tutoring weekly for the past two years. I have experience helping students from ages 12+ to university level but am especially interested in helping with exam preparation and admissions tests for ages 16+. ...
Hello! I'm Elliott once an aerospace engineer turned entrepreneur. I hope that my broad range of experience can help not only with maths and science, but also with helping you sell yourself as best as possible whether it is a job application, presentation or simply improving CV's to make them stand out to a potential employer.

After completing my degree in Engineering Science at Oxford University (Brasenose College), I joined Rolls-Royce on their engineering graduate scheme. during my time there, I was lucky enough to be selected to move to Singapore, where I discovered my passion for Asia!

After Rolls-Royce, I founded a technology company called MapSit (now which began as a social app to help people find their friends, and has now become a people management platform for real estate businesses.

I am now setting up a new company which helps create, source and bring new products to market in innovative ways. ...
I am a College Lecturer and DPhil student in Atomic and Laser Physics at the University of Oxford, where I will shortly begin my final year. My research involves probing predictions of quantum mechanics using the coldest objects in the Universe.

I completed my undergraduate and Master's degrees at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, graduating in 2016 with first class honours. I was a College Scholar in Cambridge and was awarded three Peter May prizes for excellence in academic and sporting achievement. Before Cambridge, I attended Ponteland School and achieved straight A* A-level grades. I have published 5 papers in high-impact physics journals and continue to teach mathematics and physics at undergraduate level.

I have tutored Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and Physics A-levels, both in person and over Skype, as well as providing coaching for Oxbridge admissions. I have also led in excess of 40 Oxford undergraduate interviews and have experienced the admissions system for both Oxford and Cambridge personally. ...
I am a fourth year Physics PhD student at UCL. My occupation relies on my ability to understand complex theoretical concepts and explain them to both technical and non-technical experts.

I am a high achiever, obtaining a First Class (Hons) MPhys Theoretical Physics from The University of Sheffield. In my final year I scored the highest grade in the University for "Analytical Dynamics and Classical Field Theory" (93%). Other final year results include 88% in "Advanced Quantum Mechanics" and 84% in "Aspects of Modern Physics". I currently work in theoretical/computational quantum physics looking at electron scattering in molecules. Therefore I have a good grounding in maths, physics and programming.

I studied all three sciences, maths and further maths at A-level. For G.C.S.E I took triple science, maths and electronics (in addition to 7 other subjects).

In addition to my academic experience I have over two years corporate experience. I successfully completed a highly competitive internship and graduate scheme at Barclays Bank PLC, where I worked predominantly in Credit Risk and Credit Risk Modelling. I left the Bank so that I could develop my technical skills, such as, quantitative analysis and programming. Due to my experience working in a professional environment I am also well equipped to advise students how to write CVs and apply themselves to industry or academia. ...
I work for the London School of Economics and Harvard University, where I co-teach a 120-student graduate-level class on international economic development and produce applied research on economies in Africa, the Middle East and beyond. This year, I will also co-teach a class on international trade with the Dean of the School of Public Policy at LSE! I have a Bachelor's degree from Brown University in physics and philosophy and a Master's degree from Harvard in economics and public policy, where my thesis won 'Most Outstanding'. Outside of work, I deeply enjoy tutoring students to assist with Economics, Mathematics, Physics and college applications. I especially enjoy awakening students inner curiosity and passion for knowledge, learning and excellence. ...
I am currently medical student in St George's London, and I studied Natural Sciences in Cambridge. I have over 3 years experience teaching a broad range of subjects up to and including A level mathematics and science. I take a personal approach to tutoring, adapting my teaching style to each individual student to help them reach their full potential. ...
I am a Cambridge University graduate who graduated with a First Class BA & MSci in Natural Sciences, working as a tutor while I train to become a therapist. I achieved 6 A* A-levels, came 7th of 610 in 1st year Natural Sciences, then was ranked top of the year in my chosen specialty of Materials Science in 2nd year. Realising that the process of learning and development mattered more to me than the content itself, I pivoted away from a career in science to one of teaching and ultimately therapy.

I have 5+ years experience with students aged 4-21, including SEN, in a range of subjects including Math, Physics, Materials Science, English, EFL, entrance exams and even swimming. In my tutoring I specialise in confidence, motivation and exam mindset preparation, and I prioritise deep conceptual understanding over rote memorisation. My lively style is engaging and fosters good relationships with students.

As a training therapist I use my skills to assess the individual needs of every student to create a style and learning plan that works best for them. ...
My passion for tutoring stems from my own personal experience with understanding the impact that excellent teachers can have on our lives. At Winchester College, the leadership and inspiration of my teachers motivated me to succeed, and is reflected in my consistently strong academic record. Having now graduated with a First Class BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge and successfully completed an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, I am keen to share my understanding and passion of the sciences and mathematics with new students. ...
I have been tutoring in London ever since I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences. ...
I am a Mathematics graduate from Cambridge University, where I specialised in Group theory, Galois theory and Graph theory. Since graduating I have been a Data Analyst and Software Engineer for a startup called MoveGB. I was soon promoted in the company and became a product manager. My next role was in the Marine Insurance industry, however I found teaching Mathematics was much more engaging and interesting for me, so I soon decided to pursue private tuition and have been tutoring ever since. ...