Tom Johnson - Private Tutor in Hitchin

Tom Johnson Private Tutor in Hitchin

By day, I work at PA Consulting in the Software and Controls group, where I have built embedded systems, optimising simulations and automated test platforms. I developed his love for computers at an early age, first learning to program at 14. I then followed this interest through a Computer Science degree at the University of Cambridge, before taking it into the world of work.

Subjects I Teach

My Education & Qualifications

  • University of Cambridge, 20122015
    Computer Science (BA): 2.i
  • School: Aylesbury Grammar School
    I achieved and A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics while at AGS, winning the Governors' Prize for Excellence in A-level Results.

My Tutoring & Teaching Experience

I have been tutoring at GCSE level for almost a year, primarily in Computing. I have recently started tutoring in GCSE level Mathematics. My students originally came to be because their teacher was poor; one went on to achieve an A* in her summer exams. Tom is also currently tutoring a Part II (year 3) student's Computer Science dissertation at the University of Cambridge.

My Approach to Tutoring

I teach my students by challenging the assumptions they've made. If I show them where those assumptions break down, they develop new, more accurate models.

Fun Facts About Me

In my spare time, I've built and flown quadcopters and I try to take photos of the everyday in interesting ways. If my day job doesn't manage to sate my appetite for computing, I build open source software.

My Client Testimonials

  • GCSE Computing
    "Tom is a very patient, articulate teacher who explains things calmly, thoroughly and in an easy to understand manner. He has worked brilliantly with Olivia - her knowledge and confidence with the subject matter has improved greatly and he must be credited with taking Olivia's grades from a B to an A* within a term. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tom as a tutor."

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I graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2013 in Natural Sciences (specialising in chemistry) and went straight onto the Teach First graduate programme. For the past three years, I have taught science at Essa Academy in Bolton to students with a vast range of abilities and levels of engagement and have led on engaging and challenging gifted and talented students looking to apply to the top universities.

I am a professional, enthusiastic and committed teacher who is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with students of all ages and abilities. At Essa, I strive to instil in my students a determination to succeed and a confidence in their own abilities that allows them to maximise their potential – qualities that I have transferred to tutoring with great success. ...
I am a Cambridge University graduate who graduated with a First Class BA & MSci in Natural Sciences, working as a tutor while I train to become a therapist. I achieved 6 A* A-levels, came 7th of 610 in 1st year Natural Sciences, then was ranked top of the year in my chosen specialty of Materials Science in 2nd year. Realising that the process of learning and development mattered more to me than the content itself, I pivoted away from a career in science to one of teaching and ultimately therapy.

I have 5+ years experience with students aged 4-21, including SEN, in a range of subjects including Math, Physics, Materials Science, English, EFL, entrance exams and even swimming. In my tutoring I specialise in confidence, motivation and exam mindset preparation, and I prioritise deep conceptual understanding over rote memorisation. My lively style is engaging and fosters good relationships with students.

As a training therapist I use my skills to assess the individual needs of every student to create a style and learning plan that works best for them. ...
I am a graduate from Cambridge with 6 years teaching experience at some of the best schools in the country, including St Paul's School, helping students of all ages and abilities understand and appreciate chemistry. I take great pleasure finding the best way to approach difficult topics with students and try to make all of my lessons as relevant and engaging as possible. ...